Monday, August 6, 2012

And Here I Sit

How to start? I guess I'll just do the usual boring thing and give you the rundown of what this whole thing is supposed to be, why you should read it, and why it isn't going to be lame or boring or unattainable. I like blogs; they are nice to look at and make me look like I'm actually engaging in something than when I'm looking at clothes and nail polish. Hopefully, I can use that love of perusing the depths of the internet to make this more entertaining than just a blog about me. As my thesis adviser once told my class full of young writers "autobiography rots. No one cares about your problems unless they're famous enough to be relevant" so that's my motto. Keep it about the people, for the people, and catered toward the people because we all know if this blog was for me it would be written in the notebook I keep by my bed with way more embarrassing stuff in it. Alright no more lame talk, let's get started!

PS- My name is Emily, hence the title "E By The Sea". Just to clarify this blog is not about taking ecstasy by the ocean.

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