Monday, August 6, 2012

Bags I want vs. Bags I can afford

Bags I want vs. Bags I can have
My uncle always told me that the only thing money can really buy you is the freedom to do whatever the hell you wanted. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us we are constrained with what we can do with our closets because of that nagging fact: a limited income. Luckily, some brands understand that we plebs don't fly late to our once-yearly shareholders meetings in our golden helicopters after we've had to throw our diamond encrusted Rolexes away after we spilled champagne on them. Even though I spend most of my days a filthy mess covered in other peoples dental germs, I like being able to walk into the break room and take pride in the fact that I have a decent, trendy bag that I can admit I didn't blow a paycheck on. That's why I created this little collage with the super expensive designer choice on the left and the much more affordable-but-still-nice dupe on the right. I will say that if I'm going to drop a bunch of cash on something, it's safe to say it's going to be either a bag or sunglasses because they get months/years of constant use and will probably outlive me in the long run.

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