Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fun With Hair

I've spent my entire life as a blonde. I never really had a choice since it's my natural hair color, but I've never been one to really experiment with color. All the hair stylists I've ever been to have told me to never color my hair, that my natural high and low-lights would expensive and near impossible to duplicate. I feel like this is a sneaky way of bragging about my hair, but the truth is I am starting to find it terribly boring and limiting. On a whim, I stopped at a Sally Beauty Supply and started looking at all the different hair colors. My fear of coloring my hair is born out of the comments I've gotten on my hair from strangers who tell me how lucky I am to have light blonde hair. I should be thankful, why am I even thinking about changing it? Well, I had an epiphany. I could still keep my color, but add a little fun to it. So I went with pink tipped hair. It's like a new lease on life; a little edgy and fun, but something I can keep to myself at work when it's wrapped in a bun. I used a mixture of Manic Panic Classic Cream dyes, they're only semi-permanent so that they'll eventually wash out once I've gotten over my should've-gotten-over-this-in-high-school "I want to be different" phase. I figured I haven't got much time to get away with pink hair so might as well have some fun!

(Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink mixed with about a teaspoon of Electric Banana)

It has faded into a softer pink, more peachy even, and I like it even better the more faded it gets. I still like my blonde hair and I doubt I'll go crazy anytime soon and end up a chocolate brown. Sometimes you just have to embrace what you have instead of wish to be different. In other news, I made Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles today and they are spicy and awesome. Recipe can be made available upon request. Good day fine people!

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