Thursday, August 9, 2012

One Thing On My Mind

After a long-ass week like the one I just experienced, there is only one thing I can think about and that is sleep.  The office where I work is only open Monday through Thursday, but we make up for that Friday off by cramming in as many patients as humanly possible. I have always wanted to have a sort of "sanctuary bedroom" where I could go and forget I live on planet earth and have to pay bills or clean my toilet. It would be so nice to have a place like that, but with limited resources (moneys) and the most heinous furniture stores around me it's hard to make that dream a reality. I can dream about it though and here I will present to you what my ideal bedroom would be.

I love this bedspread from West Elm. I like blue bedrooms in general because they're so calming and remind me of the ocean/vacations.

If for some odd reason I had to have an bed outside I'd have something like this:

The "Spartan Daybed" from Restoration Hardware. While I'm sure Spartans were too busy whooping Xerces ass to have lounged around on this bad boy, not even the most spartan of Spartans (hehe for me) would have passed up the opportunity to have one of these. Anyone who tells me this bed isn't awesome, meet me behind 7-11 so I can fight you.

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