Friday, September 7, 2012

Obsess Over It : BB Creams

BB Creams

Dr Brandt beauty product / L'EGERE White Multi B.B Blemish Balm cream: Beauty

I LOVE bb creams. There's no doubt about it, if you want moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation in one package then go with a bb cream. I don't like foundation AT ALL. I can never find something that matches my skin, it almost always turns orange, it gets in all of my pores, and I just hate it. Tinted moisturizers can sometimes be too thin and don't provide enough coverage for me. I started using bb creams about two years ago and haven't looked back.

BB creams have been huge in Asia for a long time and were originally made to help heal and cover up skin that had just had some sort of cosmetic procedure done. This stuff is meant to nourish and baby your skin while covering up all of your flaws. They usually come in 1 or 2 shades, but they have the magic ability to shade-match your skin itself. Since they've become all the rage as of late, lots of cosmetic brands have come out with multiple shades. The truly Asian bb creams only come in lighter shades because Asian skin is typically light to medium. This works great for me and my paleness!

Above I have shared some of my favorites: the first being Dr. Brandt's flexitone bb cream which gave me a scare when I first used it. It came out a decent color, but when i put it on my face it turned straight up orange. "NOT AGAIN" i screamed,beating my desk with a clenched fist, only to look in the mirror and see it had adjusted the shade to match my skin tone. All that violent gesturing for nothing! This stays on pretty well and since it's spf 30 I don't have to wear a separate sunscreen.

My ultimate favorite is L'Egere's White multi bb cream. Coverage is awesome, color is awesome, it isn't sticky or cakey, I love this shit. I have nothing bad to say about it. It has spf 32 and only comes in one shade, but it matches perfectly. It has never given me a breakout or allergic reaction and comes off easily with my cleanser.

I'm cheating a bit with the last one, but an almost 5-star rating and 280 Amazon reviews can't be wrong. Skin79 has a buttload of bb creams designated for different skin issues. This seems like the one that works for most people. It's spf 25 and should be on my doorstep by Tuesday. I'll give you all an update once I get to using it!

Everyone go get a bb cream, and to be specific get an Asian one. They've been doing it for years and know what works. I like Asian skin care because they do focus a lot on suncare which all y'all know is my thang. I hope this gives you the inspiration to try something new and exciting! Sayonara!

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