Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Work It Out

Work It Out

Work It Out by elbonner featuring sport gloves

I have let myself go. There, I said it. I can't say I didn't warn myself, but the lure of doing what you want while you're at a reasonable size absolutely catches up with you in the end. I am not someone who can eat an entire gallon of ice cream and still fit into my size 4s; I literally have to give up anything good (as in fatty or sweet) to lose any sort of weight. Three years ago I lost 40 lbs. on a steady diet of tilapia, brown rice, salad, oatmeal, and smoothies. That's all I ate, and with the help of programs like Weight Watchers I kept my food intake under control. I was also working out every single day during this period of time. It took me about 7 months to lose the weight and I plateaued right before I graduated college. After I graduated, I went crazy and have pretty much had a much more laxidazical approach to my diet and fitness. Unsurprisingly, my weight has sloooowly crept back up and after my Nana passed away I totally let myself go. I cared about nothing I put into myself and barely worked out. Now I'm seeing all of those little warning signs I saw when I first gained my freshman-senior 40 and I'm just not having it anymore. I don't have the money to buy new clothes now, so all I can really do is fit into those clothes I have better than I do now.

Above I have compiled a collection of some of my favorite workout wear that help make my workouts as cute and comfortable as possible. ALWAYS go tagless and ALWAYS go moisture wicking. It's amazing what crazy fabrics are out there now to help you not feel like a drowned rat after a long run!

1. Nike Training tank tops: looser fit so I won't be self conscious about my bumps and bulges being visible to the masses and great for circulating air. I have these in like four colors. 

2. Weight Lifting Gloves- it really doesn't matter what kind you get, just have something to keep your hands from being torn up. Some see callouses as a medal of honor when lifting weights, but mine would just crack and rip my gloves at work. I wasn't about to get the hep just to look cool! 

3. Lululemon Tata Tamer Bra: best sports bra for larger busted girls. Nothing moves, no uniboob (which is apparently a problem) and they're comfortable. Great for jumping around and running. 

4. Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech Shirt:Magic fabric that wicks away sweat and has silver sewn into it to battle stankness from a  brutal spin class. Also comes in long sleeve for the winter!

5. Lululemon Groove Pant: I thought I had possibly lost my mind when I bought a nearly $100 pair of yoga pants, but these things are the real deal. My butt has never looked better and they just fit so darn well. Wore them for hot yoga and they soaked up every ounce of sweat which is crazy because I'm like the sweatiest person alive.

6. Lululemon Run Inspire II Crop: I'm seeing a pattern here. Yes, I really like Lululemon stuff. It just works well for me,and yes it's expensive, but I don't have the money to keep buying crappy pants and bras from Target 5 times a year. This crop is basically a spandex running capri that keeps jiggles at bay. For a while it was uncomfortable running in shorts because all that movement in my butt and thighs made me tired quicker (I don't know why) so this eliminates that problem by holding everything in. Also, no chub rub!

7. Nike Tempo Running shorts: Look great. Feel great. I have like 7 pairs of these. They're affordable and keep you cool and dry.

8. Nike  Train Fit 2 Sneakers: Great for classes like Zumba and dance, but also great for the weight room and plyometric exercises. Super light and made almost entirely of stretchy mesh that keep things cool and comfortable.

9. Smartwool Running Socks: Get good socks for the sake of your feet. They'll kept them dry and blister free!

10. Gym Boss Interval Timer: Interval workouts are great if you're short on time and this timer is great for tracking intervals that I would most assuredly mess up in my head.

As for things like running shoes, I can't really reccommend something that is different for every runner. I over-pronate (my ankles roll in when I run) so I have to wear stability/motion control shoes to keep my feet happy. I personally love the Saucony Omni Progrid series and have bought 3 pairs and probably won't buy anything else. It tends to be that way with running shoes. Go to your local running store and have a pair fitted by a pro! 

Losing weight sucks, but taking personal responsibility for your mistakes is something you have to do in that situation. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something!

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