Monday, July 15, 2013

Mega Want: Free People Dress

Mega Want

To say that I only kind of like this dress might actually be the understatement of the century. It's very rare that I find a piece of clothing that I really fall in love with; like, willing to share all of my worldly possessions with it love. Whilst sleepily getting myself ready for work, I was watching a video by Michelle Phan during breakfast about her summer favorites. She named this dress from Free People as one of her favorites and I know exactly why. It's flowy, it's soft, it's ombre, it's the color of a calm, tropical ocean, I friggin love it! How can you go wrong?! My only problem with this dress is that, like everything else from Free People, it's expensive as hell. Like $350 expensive! I don't have that kind of cash to drop; that's like two and a half months worth of my health insurance premium. If it was $100, I would totally go for it, but I'm drawing the line with this one. $350 for a summer dress is ridiculous and I'm putting my practicality ahead of my love from mermaid-colored dresses. I'm no Michelle Phan so it's dreamworld for this little number, but I wouldn't be opposed to someone surprising me with it! Until next time, be practical!

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