Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Swimwear Spiciness Chart

Spicy Swimwear Chart

Spicy Swimwear Chart by elbonner featuring a swimsuits two piece

The thing I love about beach style is that it comes in so many different shapes, forms, cuts, colors, and designs. There are so many ways to look beachy! It's also another outlet for you to be able to show off your own fashion prowess which works in two ways: 1.) makes you look really good at a place where people normally don't take the time = instant bad ass, and 2.) inspires other to experiment with beach fashion. It doesn't have to be big t-shirts and  Soffe shorts, people!

The Mild Look- Classy, elegant, screams "I own a beach mansion and you don't". By mild I don't mean boring, I mean put-together, muted, and simply elegant. Go for pastel-toned, beautifully made suits, paired with flowy kaftans and dresses for a super relaxed feel. You should exude an "I haven't had a real job in years" vibe and wait by your infinity pool for someone to bring you a mimosa.

Bikini- Tori Praver
Kaftan- Jenn's Pirate Booty
Sandals- Havaianas

Medium- Everyday fun is what this look personifies. You're out with your friends, you need something that stays on whilst playing frisbee, but still looks cute when you inevitably fall asleep on the beach with possible snoring. PRO-TIP: A cute suit will probably detract from the snoring.  Pair with a trendy t-shirt and some cut-offs from a post-beach taco and margarita emergency session and you're good to go!

Bikini Top- Roxy
Bottoms- Billabong
Shirt- Wildfox
Shorts- PacSun

Hot- You're one of those people who doesn't leave behind fashion for anything, even at the beach. You love making bright, bold statements and peacocking whenever you get the chance. People may make snide comments about your outfit, but secretly wish they had the balls to pull off something like that! Go for bright prints and interesting cuts to stand out in a sea of solids! Pair with an equally bright cover-up and some super bright shorts to take your look from walking the sand to dancing the night away at a cool beach club! Take the plunge and work some prints, honey!

Bikini- Maaji
Kaftan- Mara Hoffman
Shorts- Calypso St. Barth

I've got beach fashion on the brain as I start packing for Oahu. Less than a week and I will be sandy, relaxed, and full of spicy ahi poke and I can't friggin' wait! Beach fashion doesn't need to be laborious, just have fun and try something new every once and a while! Happy Sunday!

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