Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ear Candy: Free People

Ear Candy: Free People

Ear Candy: Free People by elbonner featuring Free People

Ear candy may sound like a weird wax fetish, but that's totally NOT what I was going for. I'm talking about all the beautiful earrings and ear-related jewelry that's been coming out recently. The pieces I've been eyeballing the most come from Free People, and man are they out of this world! They have a new collection of really beautiful ear cuffs by jewelry designer, Knobbly, that I'm so in love with. They manage to be very delicate, but make a cool statement at the same time. My absolute favorite is the rose gold hammered cuff pictured below:

 The color blends in to make it not such an in-your-face piece, but is still really different and super cool. 

Free People also has a lot of really cute stud sets that are good for those with multiple ear-piercings or if you just want a bunch of cute new earrings. This little set is my favorite, mostly because of the triangle studs:

I went without wearing earrings for a very long time. I wasn't into the super intricate chandelier earrings that were popular for a few years and I just never thought to buy earrings. After getting some really cute one from the BF for Christmas, I've gotten back into earrings and now all these beautiful pieces are coming out to taunt me! If you've got the spare cash lying around or want to get a special someone a special gift, have a looksie at some of these pieces from Free People. They will not disappoint!

All Pieces Available at Free People

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