Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Keep It Together: Workout Clothes That Keep You Solid

I don't mean solid like that one Lean Cuisine you bought, but it wasn't your favorite so you never really wanted to eat it and it's been in the back of your freezer since Saddam Hussein was still alive. I mean solid like a stack, brick-house of a lady who yearns to keep the jiggle to a minimum during her workout!

Something I have noticed from my many workout trials and tribulations is that I just can't workout in running shorts; I gots to have that spandex! One spring I decided to make the transition from compression running capris to running shorts because everyone always looks so damn cool in their little Nike or Lululemon running shorts. I slapped on a pair, started off on my run, and got tired so quickly I had to shorten my run distance. I thought long and hard about what could have slowed me down; I'd done that run a hundred times before with no problems and then it dawned on me. What was happening during all that pathetic jaunt I called a run? A whole lot of thigh jiggle. I can't help it; I've got large thighs no matter what, and after a few more experiments I concluded that I have to have some sort of compression when I'm doing high impact stuff like running or HIIT workouts.

Now, this may not be the case for everyone, but I just feel better with a little more support. Luckily, the world of workout wear is on my side and everything is coming up spandex! I have compiled a few of my favorites that are not only super functional, but are also super cute. 

1. With Love From Paradise: Can I get a pair of these in every Aloha print ever? Great for yoga, gym workouts, walking; just about anything that involves using one's legs. I'm obsessed and hoping I can convince someone to get me a pair of these for my birthday. Totally unique and great for those who are tired of black stretch pants.
Photo: With Love From Paradise

2. Roxy Outdoor Fitness Standard Running Tights: Love these things to death. I got the purple and it's such a great color. Not too attention-grabbing, but better than your old blown-out Soffe shorts. Great for running, lifting, anything you can throw at them. I didn't spend my runs constantly pulling them back up so that's always a plus. Keeps everything high and tight just how I like it!
Photo: Roxy.com
3. Lululemon Wunder Under Crop: I tell myself I'm not paying that much for a pair of workout pants, but they are sooooo damn good. I still have my first pair I bought when Lululemon first got an online store and they are still just as good and stretchy as they were on day one. I know they have had quality issues as-of late, but I haven't really come across any obvious problems. Maybe I'm just super easy to please, or these make my butt look so good that I don't even care. If you've got the money to shell out on Wunder Unders, just get some already!
Photo: Lululemon
4. Seea Pacifica Surf Leggings: I've been seeing a lot of surf leggings coming out lately and I think they're great. I really don't enjoy wearing board shorts, but I also hate destroying my inner thighs from skin,wax, board friction (cringing thinking about it). These leggings from Seea aren't strictly for surfing and can be worn for any activity where you need some protection with a little stretch (oh god sounds like a condom reference). I could see myself wearing these at them gym and absolutely anywhere else leggings are appropriate which, for me, is everywhere worth going. 
Photo: Seea
There are so many great workout pants that will keep you jiggle-free during your workouts.  When I was younger I was always under the impression that crazy spandex was only worn by male figure skaters and Ben Stiller in Heavyweights, but how wrong I was! I know I write about workout clothes on here like once a month, but it's fun for someone else to find awesome stuff and do all the hard work for you. Get yourself into some spandex and have a great workout!

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