Friday, August 24, 2012

Camera Bag, Shoes, Etc.

I know I've already written and entry today, but like two seconds after I wrote it there was a thump at the door which I could only discern as my mailman chucking a package at it as quickly as possible so he could go to lunch early. After retrieving the package I was little kid excited to open it because inside was my new camera bag! This bag came from an Etsy shop called The Copper River Bag Company and they make fine leather bags for laptops, cameras, work related technologies  and they are all made-to-order in lots of colors and styles. The one I purchased was the Voyager Camera Bag and it is BEAUTIFUL.

It comes with a handy pop-up divider that keeps all your lenses, chargers, battery packs, zebra cakes separate and safe. It has a pocket for your iPad and room to spare for your wallet, phone, personal firearm, whatever! I wanted a bag that could keep my camera stuff safe and organized but not look like I was someones dad on vacation desperate to capture family memories. The leather is hardcore thick, but it's the kind that will only look better the older and more beat-up it gets.

Another great purchase of the week(s) are my taupe suede boots from Target! They may not be Sam Edelmans, but for $30 they do the trick. It makes me want to wear jeans and leather jackets (shudder), what's happening to me?! 

Other than these things my week has been pretty ordinary. I had the week off for a staycation that turned into a watch-the-rain-and-be-bored-cation which sucked, but I'm rested up for full time at the dentist office so happy weekend everyone! I'll be spending what's left of it making use of the lighting in my sun/jungle room. Bye now!

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