Saturday, September 8, 2012

What I Would Wear to NY Fashion Week...If It Was Cold

NY Fashion Week

Etro beaded top / H&M super skinny jeans, $32 / Acne leather boots / Proenza Schouler satchel handbag, $1,945 / Kenneth Jay Lane gold jewelry, $68

New York Fashion Week couldn't come at an unsexier time of the year. It's still hot here on the east coast and everyone is just sick of the heat and how it ruins anything where you have to be in a crowd of hot sweaty people. You're caught between seasons which really throws a wrench into your outfit creating because you don't know which season to go for. Should you prolong that summertime feeling and look like you're going to Coachella in last seasons clothes (barf!), or go for it and risk Visible Butt Sweat in fall clothing while schmoozing with the fashion elite (I bet Anne Wintour hates people with VBS). I'm at the point in my wardrobe where I'm just ready for fall to get here already. I've poked holes in all of my thin summer shirts, I've gotten weird stains on all of my shorts, my flip-flops and sandals all have dirty feet outlines in them; it's time for new stuff. 

I think they should push NY Fashion Week back a few weeks. Just have it in October! We're all ready for new stuff and nothing makes someone who's life revolves around keeping up with the trends life suck more than wearing your summer deodorant-stained $150 t-shirt at a show reminding you you're already behind the times! So this outfit is a bit early in it's makeup, but would be great if they had Fashion Week at a reasonable time... LIKE OCTOBER!

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