Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday Dresses: Look Better Than Your Entire Family

Holiday Dresses

Holiday Dresses by elbonner featuring french connection

The holidays are upon us in the Western world and for the good ole' US of A, Thanksgiving is next Thursday. The next few weeks will probably see a lot of mandatory office holiday parties, seeing all those relatives you choose not to see for the rest of the year, and drinking yourself into lots of embarrassing holiday stories to be told until everyone who witnessed it is dead. Even if you accidentally make out with an intern, with these dresses no one can fault you for looking bad doing it. Holiday time is a time to go all out with sparkles, embroidery,  and jewel tones so I have collected a bunch of holiday dresses that will look good on lots of different people.

1. Dolce & Gabbana- go baroque in this awesome velvet embroidered dress and make everyone feel poor!
2. Candy Apple Dress from Modcloth- it's retro, it's red, it has a bow, it just screams Christmas dress.
3. Warehouse Lace Bodice Dress- Swingy and sophisticated; the full skirt helps hide your extra butt circumference from all those midnight gingerbread cookie raids.
4. Coast Emmy Crepe Dress- great color and great for a fancy holiday party. The pleating at the waist helps hide any lumps and bumps from too many peppermint lattes.
5. French Connection Fast Iris Dress- stretch lace always looks nice. It's a little edgy with the black lining underneath and is a little praise Satan and hail the birth of Christ.
6. Tory Birch Kathy Dress- This shift dress has a tie-waist to give it more shape, but can be let out in the event of too much ham.

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