Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How I Look So Fabulous All The Time

I get so many questions about my skincare routine (not from you people!) and I decided to do a visual representation of what I use day and night to keep myself young forever. I try to use the most natural stuff I possibly can, but if I get something for free, I'm going to use it. We'll start with daytime: 
 1. Vichy Purifying Foaming Cream: from CVS, great cleanser for combination skins. It gets all of my makeup off and has fancy French mineral water in it to make me look fresh and fabulous.

2. Jason Naturals Hyper-C Serum: I got this because I had little money and it was cheaper than my regular CE Ferulic acid serum. I always use vitamin C serums during the day with sunscreen to reduce sun damage. I'm not trying to look like leatherface and this stuff is pretty damn good for $20!

3. Juara Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer: This is my all-time favorite moisturizer. Using the same stuff that you find in kombucha, Juara (a brand based on Indonesian beauty ingredients) makes this light-but-super moisturizing lotion that I use all year round unless I'm out catching Alaskan King crabs. This is my third bottle and I frigging love it. Great for dry/combo skin.

4. Skinceuticals Sheer Physical Defense Sunscreen spf 50: I've talked about this stuff before and I will sing its praises again. This is great for any skin type and really keeps the sun off. Use sunscreen all year round, no matter what.  It's a physical block so no harsh chemical sunscreens and a high spf for great protection.

5. Roc Contour and Lift Eye Serum: Gotthis for freewith another Roc eye cream and I love it because it lasts forever and is applied with a roller ball. It's great on mornings when I just don't want to wake up; the cool metal ball rolls the sleepiness right out of me. Don't know if it has done a whole lot to fix my eye problems, but I figure it's better than nothing. Dude, it was free!

Now for nighttime. I have dry/combo skin and I like to exfoliate and deeply moisturize at night after work so here's what I use:

1. Yonka Masque No 1: Got this in a NewBeauty Test Tube and I love it! It's an anti-aging moisturizing mask that smells like jasmine and makes my skin clear, yet soft. I put this on and let it sit for like an hour and it can be used over night, but I'm afraid it'll make my bangs greasy. Super relaxing and a great surprise find!

2. Olay Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment: Ok I'm not old, but I do like using retinol treatments to keep my face from being dull and uneven from acne scars. Retinol is the only scientifically proven ingredient other than vitamin C to do so, but mixing the two can really mess up your skin. I opt for the retinol at night because the exfoliation factors can make you more susceptible to sun damage if used during the day. Got this in a NBTT also and quite enjoy it!

3. Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream: for a $20 night cream this stuff is awesome! I love stuff with seaweed in it, don;t ask me why. It always calms down my redness so I don't look like a full-on alcoholic with hypertension. It's not greasy so good for combo skin.

4. Neo Strata Intensive Eye Treatment: Got this in a NBTT also (love that thing)and it's like a gel-creme eye serum that works like a retinol to keep things smooth and wrinkle free. I don't have any new ones so this must be doing something right.

5. Alpha-H Liquid Gold: This stuff is like nectar of the gods. Only available online and overseas, this glycolic acid liquid exfoliator keeps me breakout and crusty-patch free. I use it every other night by itself with nothing else on my face except eye cream. I wake up with bright skin that is a lot more even and soft.

Here are my secrets! Hope this helps someone!

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