Friday, November 23, 2012

Winter Getaway

Winter Getaway

Winter Getaway by elbonner featuring 1 piece swimsuits

I'm ready for a vacation that doesn't involve a lot of cooking and shopping.One where I can laze around in the sun and take a swim if I want to. This isn't something that can happen where I live in December which is why today I'm daydreaming about a winter getaway vacation! Since I've been in grade school/college/graduate school for the past almost 20 years, I haven't been able to really go anywhere in the winter time. Hopefully, with cooperation from the boyfriend, we can have arelaxing week away somehwere nice and warm. Since I am convinced that I have seasonal affective disorder since I get incredibly aggravated with the cold each winter, I think a beach vacation right in the middle will break up the cold and grey and also keep me from committing winter boredom suicide.  I've put together a little collage of what would be great for a winter beach vacation, including some things you can still wear once you get home!

1. Loose white t-shirt: great for layering over a bikini or layering under a big sweater once you return from your trip. Rag & Bone 
2. Beaded silk shorts: loose and flowy for the beach over a swimsuit, great for lounging around the house when you get home and realize how dumb it is to even bother going outside in January. Mara Hoffman
3. Swimsuits, two-piece and one-piece: a two-piece just because it's winter and you can and a one-piece in case the holidays have you feeling less than fabulous. Zimmermann, We Are Handsome

4. Gladiator Sandals: I'm convinced that gladiator sandals will never go out of style(they haven't for 3000 years) so get yourself a simple, leather pair and keep them forever. Ancient Greek Sandals

5. Sunscreen: just because it's winter at home doesn't mean you don't need sunscreen. This formula from Lancaster lets you get a bit of color while keeping you from getting the cancer. Lancaster

6. Big Cardigan: You have to come home sometime. Skip the big jacket and get a big, blanket-like cardigan that you can use on a chilly island night. Calypso St. Barth    
7. Lace Dress: this will look as at home on the beach as it will over leggings and under a giant coat once you get home. Free People
8. Wrap Bracelet: very beachy, but in a neutral tone that is great for winter too. Chan Luu 
9. Printed Backpack: You need a beach bag, why not get a pretty printed one that isn't a giant hot pink vinyl bag that looks odd and can't be used for anything else. Billabong 

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that our Christmas bonuses will be enough for a quick island getaway or that we'll meet a Daddy Warbucks while drunk at an office outing and never have to work again. However you get out of the cold this winter, go for it!


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