Wednesday, December 5, 2012

All Eyes on Me: My Favorite Mascaras

All Eyes on Me

All Eyes on Me by elbonner featuring christian dior cosmetics

One thing I always put on, even if there's nothing else on my face, is mascara. Mascara can make the planest face (mine) look like a movie stars (over exaggerating). The problem with mascara is there are a MILLION of them and it's hard and expensive to find one that you really like. I have found in the wild ride also known as my life(actually kind of boring) that you need different mascaras for different events and situations so it's a good idea to have a couple on hand.

1. Diorshow Extase from Dior: MAJOR big-time lashes. Long, voluminous,you get it all. I bought this stuff at Nordstrom and put it on in the car. The next place I went to, no fewer than four people asked if I was wearing false lashes. It's THAT GOOD. Best for going out or dress-up events like weddings or parties. Available at Nordstrom and Sephora

2. They're Real! from Benefit: great all-around mascara. If I don't want huge lashes, but enough length and volume to look good then I use this stuff. Doesn't flake and is good for everyday wear or at work. Available at Sephora and Ulta.

3. Cover Girl Lash Blast 24HR: This is think is technically a waterproof mascara because it does NOT come off with water or your normal foaming cleanser. I have to use an oil-based remover to get this stuff off. Great in the summer for the beach and for weepy events (didn't want to go here: funerals. Downer!).  This stuff is great because you can buy it anywhere in the US and it makes your lashes long, fat and it stays on and doesn't flake. Available at drugstores.

4. Opulash by MAC Cosmetics: This was my first ever "high-end" mascara and I love it! The giant brush covers every lash and is like a lighter version of Diorshow.Good for every day or pile it on for the evening. This stuff washes off with warm water, you don't need to scrub it off your eyes. Great little mascara! Available at Macy's, Nordstrom, and MAC stores.

Mascara is the business and I use it more than anything else in my makeup drawer. If you want beautiful lashes give one (or all) of these a try!  

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