Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dawn Patrol: Doing Stuff I Like

Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol by elbonner featuring knit sweaters

I haven't been to the beach, let alone surfed, in so long it's making me crazy! Usually around this time of year I get really brave/stupid and try to conjure up the will to go to the beach for a winter surf with a friend.Working full-time and away from a surfable beach has made planning this activity out kind of difficult (not to mention everyone thinking I'm dumb and crazy, including myself). I think of it as exercise where you burn twice as many calories because your body is fighting off hypothermia! I haven't done the whole "dawn patrol" thing since high school when my little surfer friend and I got up at the butt-crack of dawn to get to the beach before work or school. I miss those days of riding around in my surf truck, sweaters on, coffee or hot chocolate in the thermos, and being very vocal about the fact that someone should invent a genital warming feature to go inside the crotch of a wetsuit. You can only pee on yourself out there but so many times. Above I created a little piece of my past: an outfit perfect for a chilly beach day. There's nothing better after a morning cold shock to the system than to out on some soft, dry clothes that you threw in the dryer before you left the house and wrapped in saran wrap to keep the heat in (hey, it works!). The good part about winter surfing is that no one is there to see you fall, because they're all at home snug in their PJ's while. Maybe if I can convince myself to get up from my warm bed to throw myself in the cold ocean then I can relive that period of my life, even if it's just for a little bit. I only really remember the good times had during those frosty mornings so it's time to make myself look like a bad-ass and brave the frigid Atlantic!

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