Friday, December 14, 2012

Shopocalypse: It Pays To Work

Three years ago, my boss came up with a glorious idea: instead of having a run-of-the-mill office Christmas party, how about I give all my employees an envelope full of cash and drive them to the outlet malls since they've been bitten and thrown up on all year. Today was that glorious day. We visited our local Prime Outlets and went to town. I always feel like I bought a lot of stuff and come home to see it's a moderate amount of stuff compared to some "hauls" you see on YouTube or other blogs. I also do a lot of Christmas shopping for other people, people who may read this blog, so no spoiled surprises!

The outlets my friend/coworker/coshopper and I hit are Levis, J. Crew, ALDO, Cosmetics Company Store, Bath and Body Works, and a few others. Today, I got two shirts and a pair of jeans from Levis, three shirts from J. Crew, and a pair of boots from ALDO. Not bad seeing as I got presents for three other people with money left over! Here's photo evidence from my trip:

(1-3 J. Crew, 4 & 5 Levis) and yes, that's my background is my sofa

All of these tops were super on sale and I am always getting holes in my shirts so I just buy a bunch.I have also resigned myself to being one of those people who wears variations of one kind of shirt: striped t-shirts. I like them, I look decent in them, and when people see a striped shirt they tell me "that's so Emily" so the striped shirt is my thing now. I also figure if something fits well, get it in every color available so that's what I did!

Shirts were not the only thing I got, I also purchased (received in the mail) two pairs of shoes:

(Left- Target, Right- ALDO)

I have wanted sneaker wedges for along time, but I would never ever shell out $600 for Isabel Marant trend shoes. Luckily, had these for $35 so I went ahead and took the plunge. My boyfriend thinks they look a bit silly and called them my Marty McFly shoes. Sounds like someone is jealous and will be kicking himself when he sees me cruising on my hover board with my awesome shoes. They are pretty comfortable for a heeled shoe and give me a bit of extra height which is always a good thing. The second pair are suede ankle boots from Aldo. They look a bit "Marant-ish", but were under $100 and not an entire paycheck. They are super cute and actually look good with my big Fjallraven army jacket. I love boots and can never have enough of them and these really made my day.

After a nice lunch, we drove back home ready for a nap. Tomorrow is Friendsgiving with some of my old college friends and now I'll have cute new stuff to wear! Outlet malls are wonderful things and they have some great deals around this time. Happy shopping everyone!

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