Saturday, January 26, 2013

More Crap I Think I Need: Roxy Outdoor Fitness

Okay, Okay. I know what you're thinking. Roxy, really? Are we back in high school  wearing hoodies, wishing we could be riding waves around the world all while getting free clothes and living the good life? That is probably what comes to mind for about 99% of my current age group (no longer 18-24 :( ), but something glorious has happened. Something that can justify my hanging onto a dream that really should have been tossed after my first morning complaining of a sore back after doing nothing but sleeping. Roxy has created a line of fitness and workout wear for any age group called Roxy Outdoor Fitness! It consists of technical tees, tanks, and jackets along with shorts, capris, yoga pants, gym bags; you name it. It even has wetsuits, water shoes and sport swimsuits for surfing, stand-up paddle boarding or lap swimming that keep you looking like you're at your junior high swim meet. I'm really liking all of this stuff because they're in fun colors and prints that don't scream "stuff a 14 year-old wants for her birthday".  I'm particularly digging this outfit which would be great at the gym on lifting days:
 Super cute tank with watery, oceany goodness printed on the front along with some bright and stretchy boardshorts are the making of something wonderful. All the fabrics are moisture-wicking, light-weight, and fast drying to keep you from sweating up the place. I'm not usually into workout jackets because it's just an extravagance that I can't justify buying. I just slum around in haggard sweatshirts like someones dad cutting the grass. The jackets in this collection are SO FREAKING CUTE that I could actually see myself shelling out the cash for one:

Love the shorts too. One day when my butt blows everyone away due to its sheer awesomeness, I will have these shorts in every color. I love the color of the jacket and see it being handy on early spring runs and hikes. 

The water shoes are also something I'm keeping my eye on. It may be well known that I am a beach lover and enthusiast of anything ocean-related, but sometimes the ocean freaks me out. Unfortunately, the place where I live does not have beautiful clear water like some sort of tropical paradise. It's a greeny-brown and I've only ever been able to see to the bottom once in my hundreds of beach trips. Touching the bottom is scary sometimes; you can get nipped by craps, step on a flounder, or some funky seaweed that will make you scream like you're being attacked by a thousand sharks. My point is that sometime water shoes are a good idea and having cute ones wouldn't hurt!
So, if you are looking for an alternative to high-priced workout wear or just want an excuse to wear Roxy again and relive your middle school dreams in style, head over to and check out their fitness section and explore this great new collection! 

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