Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thai Delights With Anthropologie

Thai Delights With Anthropologie

Thai Delights With Anthropologie by elbonner featuring cotton dresses

I've been craving everything Thai lately. Mostly drunken noodles, but also the new campaign from Anthropologie. Somehow they always seem to lure me in with their beautiful catalogs, shot in amazing, exotic locations and then rocket me right back to earth when I see that everything costs $300+. EVERYTHING. This new sort of mini collection contains beautifully printed, airy dresses, lots of sheer embroidered fabrics and some really cool jumpsuits and wide-legged pants that my out-of-control butt could never pull off, but wants to oh-so badly! This campaign even has a beautiful videoand beautiful models that just make me want to hop on a plane and wake up to the smells of red curry and coconuts. Check out and drool over their newest collection!

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