Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Nail Colors

Spring Nail Colors

Spring Nail Colors by elbonner featuring butter london nail polish

It's officially spring time even though it snowed here the day after the first day of spring. It may still be cold and gloomy, but spring nail polishes are here and I want ALL OF THEM. My favorites are the mints, corals,and subtly 80s-a-rific pastel purples. It's like all the colors of Cadbury Mini Eggs made wearable on your fingers! Above are my favorites so far, my absolutes wants are the ones in the middle row from Butter London. Ugh, they look like so much fun! These can easily transition into summer and will look good if you've got a little color or if you chose to remain fair. It makes me yearn for the trees to blossom and not having to wear a jacket! I'm tired of having to pull all of my layers back over my muffin-top after once of them makes the other ride up. Go away winter, you're not welcome anymore. ALL HAIL SPRING!

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