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Youthful Eyes!

Youthful Eyes!

Youthful Eyes! by elbonner featuring tarte

Nothing makes you look like a sad old-fart than wrinkly skin around your eyes! Unless you're a witch like Halle Berry, most of us tend to collect a lot of fine lines around the eyes as early as our twenties, which is totally depressing. It's a little bit natural aging, but it can also come from a lack of protection for the area around your eyes. A good way of combating crow's feet is to protect that delicate skin with an spf eye-cream. I tend to go for a two step approach when it comes to eye care: sunscreen and moisture. I don't use eye creams that have weird ingredients that promise the world;i use products with things in them that I know will work. No amount of bullshit advertisements willgive you perfect skin. You have to protect what you have or you'll ruin it! 

1. Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream SPF 32: Shiseido is one of the kings of sunscreen. All of their suncare products are amazing. I got this eye cream as a sample and it was so awesome. When I save up some money I plan on getting this for some serious beach-going. It's not runny or irritating as I wore it to the beach and on summer runs. Just all around good.

2.Ole Henriksen Total Truth Eye Creme SPF 15: Vitamin C is one of the few ingredients I gravitate towards. My biggest fear is that all the studies on vitamin C were wrong and it actually makes you ugly and burns your face off. This cream is based off of Ole Henriksen's Truth Serum which is awesome. Lots of L-Ascorbic acid which helps reverse sun damage with spf to prevent more from occurring.

3. Clarins Sunscreen For Eyes Wrinkle Control SPF 30: I have yet to try this product, but Clarins sunscreen is something I really do like. I love the spray sunscreen so I'm very excited to try this high spf eye cream. Reviewers like this cream because it's non-irritating for sensitive eyes and absorbs well without leaving a greasy cast, so it's good under makeup!


You don't need an spf eye cream at night, so go for something that will soothe sun-soaked eyes and keep that skin moisturized:

1. Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Eye Cream: After the huge success of the Plantscription face serum (which is AMAZING) Origins made an eye cream with the same ingredients that is full on moisturizing while still being refreshing. Gets rid of the red and calms down dry, unhappy eyes.

2. Tarte Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Cream: Maracuja (or passion fruit seed oil) is a great moisturizer. Tarte's Maracuja oil soothe away dryness and evens out your skin tone. This oil, packed with vitamin C, is a great after-sun for your eyes; helping to reverse any damage you may have done during the day.  

3. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado: It's green, it's thick, it's now available in jumbo size! There's a reason this stuff is raved about by beauty lovers all over the internet. This stuff is super moisturizing, like surprisingly moisturizing. As a warning, since it is a heavy-duty eye cream I would be cautious wearing this under makeup, but it's a superb night cream that uses the power of the holy avocado to keep things smooth and soft. 

Hope this helps you with any sort of eye-woes you may have in the coming spring and summer months. Who knows how long you'll get carded when you up your eye-care routine!


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