Friday, March 15, 2013

Viva La Onesie!

Viva La Onesie!

Viva La Onesie! by elbonner featuring a ruched one piece swimsuit

Today I did something that I've been meaning to do for a long time: swim in the pool at the gym. Now, my gym pool isn't full of old people doing water aerobics or floating around on pool-noodles; I'm a member at a university gym with collegiate-level swimmers using the pool all the time. It took a lot of self-reflection and bathroom stall pep-talks for little chubby me to get up the courage to go get in that pool and swim a lane away from someone who may go to the Olympics one day. One thing that helped me with my pool-confidence and calmed my fear of accidentally flashing my whole butt to strangers was my awesome swimsuit. Feeling comfortable in something in front of strangers always helps you get over all of your other nervous jitters before doing something new. I recently bought the Body Glove Smoothies Zippered One-Piece you see in the upper right-hand corner in the brightest coral orange you can imagine. I was nervous about being seen in it in front of a bunch of career athletes, but low-and-behold I had the most bitchin' swimsuit there. The simple onesie swimsuit can create a lot of confidence by soothing your fears of having imperfect abs by giving you a little more coverage. Luckily, the swim industry has recently embraced the onesie and created so many cute suits that stay on no matter what activity you're doing. Above, I have accrued some really cute suits that can take you from swimming laps in the pool, to tumbling in rough surf, or to just feeling good in swimwear again. I've always gone by the idea that you should wear whatever you want because 99-100% of the time no-one will ever call you out on it or will end up being jealous of your courage, so throw on a onesie and work of your fitness!

Also, my pool workout totally kicked my butt so here's what I did:
-tread water for 30 seconds in the deep end
- 100m freestyle stroke
-tread water 30 seconds with arms and legs
-100m back stroke
-tread water for 30 seconds LEGS ONLY
-100m breaststroke 

repeat 5-10 times for a serious cardio workout!


Body Glove Smoothies Zippered One-Piece
J. Crew Ruched Bandeau Suit
L*Space Stardust Fringe One-Piece
Seea Riviera One-Piece
Wildfox Couture Classic One-Piece
Roxy Outdoor Fitness Lapped One-Piece
Mikoh Santorini One-Piece Suit

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