Thursday, May 30, 2013

E. By The Seine

E. By The Seine

E. By The Seine by elbonner featuring a leather messenger bag

Now, I know this blog is very beach-themed at the moment due to my impending Brady Bunch inspired Hawaiian adventure, I can't forget that my ass is going to PARIS this summer!! It will only be for a day or two, but it's been one of my dreams to go to the city of light/love/Nutella crepes/amazing drugstore skincare! Now, my only problem with Paris is that I feel I'm not really cool enough to go there. I don't want to give off the "white tennis shoe wearing, I don't speak a lick of French so I'm going to yell everything in English very slowly at you" feel, so I've been looking for some cute stuff that won't force me to go broke. I can thank Zara for the collage above. They have a bunch of Euro-chic pieces that will keep me looking like a country bumkin or a member of the Griswold family without making me poor.

 Paris in July is warm, but not ungodly hot like it is where I live. I think I will stick to flowly dresses, tops, and shorts so I can look cute, but not sweat all over anything. I also have a limited shoe window because I can't wear anything with a heel if I'm going to walk in them, so I'll have to stick with supportive flats and sandals. French women are always so effortlessly good-looking, I'm convinced it's a lie and worry about back sweat as much as I do, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. All I know is that I'm excited and ready to load up on some Bioderma and macarons. Au revoir tout le monde!

All Pieces- ZARA

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