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Mineral Water: Ingestible and Investable!

Mineral Water: Ingestible and Investable!

Mineral Water: Ingestible and Investable! by elbonner featuring ahava

Wan to know something that is good for your skin, body, and all-around well being that requires little-to-no effort? Well the answer is WATER! For real dummies, water is so freaking important and you can definitely tell when you're not getting enough of it; you feel tired and bitchy,your skin looks wratched, and your pee is straight-up orange. NOT GOOD. Now,some people hate drinking water because it has no taste and isn't fun like fizzy drinks. My solution for you is sparkling mineral water. It can be an acquired taste, but add some citrus juice and it's so damn refreshing on a hot day! You can also get is flat if the fizzy stuff isn't for you, but make sure it's the good stuff! I've recently gotten into mineral water because of the skin and health benefits you get from drinking naturally mineralized water. When you drink normal tap water, most of the minerals have been filtered out at the water treatment plant, whereas a mineral water bottled from a spring has things like calcium, magnesium, and silica that make your water even more beneficial. Europeans are already all over mineral water, but it seems to be stuck in the realm of the snooty here in the states. My advice is try some out and reap the benefits!

Mineral/thermal water needn't only be ingestable, but is found in a ton of great skin care products that can benefit everyone! My favorite way to give my skin some thermal water love is to use a thermal water spray. I know what you're thinking, "Emily, you want me to pay to spray water all over my face? Have you lost your damn mind?". First of all, I'm not telling you to do anything, I'm not the boss of you! Second, thermal water sprays are sooo good for calming down burned, chapped, red, and sensitive skin. Aestheticians use thermal water sprays after harsh skin treatments and see reductions in redness upon contact. I like using this to wet my face before cleansing because it feels luxurious and just better than splashing with tap water (my city water suuuuucks). My second favorite way is to throw a bottle in my cooler and spray myself down at the beach/pool when I get hot and red. Anywho, I've talked too much, onto the products!

 San Pellegrino (Italy)- A little fizzy and widely available, I like getting this with lunch as a special treat.These can be purchased in big bottles, small bottles, and by the case at your local grocer! Has a decent mineral content and is used in some delicious citrus sodas made by the same company!

Gerolsteiner (Germany)- Has one of the highest mineral contents of any mineral water and I haven't had any trouble finding it at the grocery store. Fizzy and fun!

Apollinaris (Germany)- Probably my new favorite, this stuff has little bubbles of champagne and has the highest mineral content amongst the easily available mineral waters. I've only ever been able to buy litre bottles, but I mix it with a wedge of lemon squeezed in it and it's awesome!

Fiji Water (Fiji)- This water is special because it contains more silica than other mineral waters. Silica helps your skin regulate oil production and a bunch of other stuff. Don't know if that's true or just a bunch of nonsense, but this water is super smooth. 

Avene: Thermal Water Spray- My favorite of the thermal waters, this stuff calms my skin down after a good scrub or after a day in the sun. Comes in different sizes and even though it's not readily available in US drugstores, it's easily available on the internet (thanks, Amazon!).

La Roche Posay Thermal Water- Like the Avene spray, but available at CVS! La Roche Posay products are all good, ALL OF THEM and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I like using this at the pool or when I go backpacking and get sweaty and gross. Calms your face down after a hot run too!

Avene: Relief Concentrate for Redness- The corner stone of Avene's skincare line is its thermal spring and everything it makes contains it, which makes their products insanely good for people with sensitive skin or skin that's prone to redness. This serum is made to take the red out and is so gentle!

Ahava: Time To Clear All-in-One Toning Cleanser- Ahava uses the minerals from the Dead Sea to soothe upset skin and it does it beautifully. This cleanser goes on like a lotion and removes dirt, makeup, and oil to leave your face clean and soft. It can be tissued off for people with super dry skin or rinsed if you prefer. 

Avene: Thermal Water Soothing Serum- this serum soothes angry skin, removes redness, and makes you feel like you're blanketed in softness and security! Again, all Avene products are great for sensitive folk!

Ahava Honey-Herbal Mineral Bath Salts- Since most of us don't live near a mineral-rich hot spring, you can recreate one in your tub with these bath salts from Ahava. Harvested from the Dead Sea, they make bath time super relaxing. The best thing is you can usually find them at TJ Maxx for super cheap. I LOVE THESE BATH SALTS (I'm not the Miami Zombie)

Mineral water is good for you inside and out, and if you don't prefer the taste, you can still reap it's benefits from these great products! Get hydrated people! 

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