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Man Stuff!

Man Stuff

Man Stuff by elbonner featuring baxter of california

Much to my surprise and delight, I've got some man readers! Never a bad thing, I just feel guilty that  a lot of what I feature on this blog is female-focused. I've decided to make this Sunday afternoon post just for the dudes. It's the manly thing to not care too much about what you put on your face and body to keep it rugged and majestic, but, you have to admit, this stuff is fun. Especially, all the cool shaving stuff that's coming out now. Being well-groomed doesn't make you less of a man, it makes you a much better looking one. Here are some of my picks to keep things simple, but to up your game a bit.

1. Cleanser: Earth-Tu Face Wash- Simple name, simple ingredients. My boyfriend, the product minimalist, likes products that don't have a lot of crap in them and this cleanser is as simple as they come. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, it cleanses without over-drying. 

2. Moisturize/Protect: Baxter of California Super Shape spf15: Guys, you need a sunscreen and you need to moisturize your face unless you want to look like a grizzled crab fisherman at 30. Keep it simple and get a moisturizer with an spf so it's done in one step. Baxter's of California makes some great stuff (they're cleanser was awesome) and has some of the simplest, classy packaging I've ever seen. 

3. Eye Care: Murad Essential-C Eye Cream spf15- Don't scoff at eye creams. Anyone can benefit to a little extra help around the most delicate part of your body. The spf keeps eyes protected during outdoor activities and vitamin helps counteract sun damage. 

4. Pores: Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask- the minerals in this mask help to calm skin whilst clearing pores of gross stuff and keeping you pimple free. Masks are fun and your face feels sooo much better after a nice mask! 

5. Exfoliation: Lush Ocean Salt- Men, you have to exfoliate. It is so important, especially if you shave. Exfoliation helps with ingrown hairs and helps get all the dirt, grime and stress off at the end of the day. Nothing makes my face feel better like a good scrub. Don't be to harsh, you don't want to damage your skin, but this scrub exfoliates with sea salt and soothes with avocado butter. A personal favorite! (Bonus: can be used for the body too!)

Shower Essentials 
1. Body Wash: Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash- Uses the power of limes to wake your ass up in the morning! No more ugly drug store body washes or horrible AXE-like bro-fragrance. This nicely packaged, clean and simple wash is citrus infused to get you going and smell nice too. 

2. Hair Care: Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Shampoo/Conditioner- This just came out and is a great everyday, gentle cleanser for your hair. The matching conditioner doesn't make hair greasy so you can go a few days between washings. Beach-inspired and made to give you some texture, this is great for the every-man. 

3. Styling: Woody's Grooming Clay- I think mens hair looks better a little more on the matte side (not so shiny). Unless you're going for a ultra-shiny, greased-back look, go for something that will give you more texture. Clay and cream pomades give you a softer finish and just look better.  No crunchiness, no nonsense! 

4. Soap: Saturdays Surf Pacific Beach Soap- Everyone needs a bar of soap. This one smells like a Drive down the Pacific Coastal Highway complete with herbal, citrus, and marine notes. A vacation in a bar. 

1. Shave Cream: Jack Black Beard Lube- A good shave cream can make all the difference in the world to your shaving routine. I think the more emollient, the better. You're scraping razor blades against some of the most delicate skin on your body. It's going to get irritated. Try something that doesn't dry everything out afterwards. This stuff is always winning awards and is worlds away from your rusty-bottomed foam shave. 

2. Razors: Dollar Shave Club- A monthly subscription that gives you razor blades at a ridiculously low price? They're even delivered straight to your house? Surely you jest! Ranging from $1-$9/month, you initially get a handle and then receive blades once a month. SO CHEAP,  SO EASY, you can thank me later! (Boyfriend approved)

3. Shave Brush: The Art of Shaving Badger Brush- Make shaving fun again. Shaving brushes are all the rage and really help facial stand up so that you can shave them off better. It also looks like it just feels nice on my face. Almost makes me want a really embarrassing mustache problem (I don't).  

4. After Care: Kiehl's Ultimate After-Shave Balm- For those with dry/sensitive skin or those who just want to keep things smooth like Barry White, this balm goes on after you shave to calm everything the hell down. With ingredient like avocado oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E your face will be softer than those microfiber blankets they have at Target all the time! 

Fun Stuff! 
1. A Good Comb: Baxter of California Pocket Comb- Something about a fancy comb just makes you feel like you've really made it in life. Maybe not as much as an Audi r8, but pretty close. Tortoiseshell (faux please!)  combs always look nice and will last you a lifetime of classy grooming. 

2. A Hardcore Sunscreen: Sun Bum SPF 50 Pro sunscreen- made with non-irritating mineral and chemical sun protectants, this stuff stays on throughout a multitude of activities and is small enough to keep in your pocket. Won't run into your eyes while working on your motorcycle on a hot day,  rock climbing solo in the desert, or playing a hot round of beach volleyball with Val Kilmer.

3. Home Fragrance: Sydney Hale Co. Sea Salt + Bay Rum Candle- Dudes love candles. I know a lot of guys who love candles more than I do and I think that's a great thing. This candle smells like sitting at a beach bar and drinking some Caribbean rum and boozing it into the sunset. Get some candles in your life, because no one wants to smell your steak 3 days after you've cooked it. 

Well gentlemen, I hope this satiates your wild, manly appetite for decent skin, body and hair care products catered towards you, the manliest (or gentlest) of men! I do think mens skin and hair care stuff is way fun and I really like learning about all the new stuff you guys get to have! Maybe I'll do this every once and a while to keep you all fresh to death. Party on, Dudes!

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