Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sun Savers: UPF Clothing

Sun Savers: UPF Clothing

Sun Savers: UPF Clothing by elbonner featuring beach hats

To continue our sun safety series right before this ever-so-sacred Memorial Day weekend, I'm featuring something that you may not think about when working on your fitness outdoors. Not all clothing is created equal, sun protection-wise, so here are some really cute and functional pieces to keep you from becoming a wrankley old hag in your late 20s. 

Patagonia Draft Shirt- with a UPF 15 rating, you can wear this light, sweat-wicking, super shirt on even the sweatiest/stankiest runs. You won't come home with sunburned shoulders and also works for warm-weather hiking in the beautiful sunshine.

Roxy Up Wind Neoprene Capri- These capris have a UPF 50 rating and are super cute,as well as being amphibious. Like a hovercraft! Guaranteed to make your butt look good. 

Vans Blackout Spot Snapback- Hats are always a good idea whether out for a run or just sitting on the beach like a lump. Get a cute one that is fun to wear and not a chore, then you're more likely to protect your delicate scalp.

Sun Guard Laundry Treatment- When used in on cotton garments, Sun Guard ups the sun protection to UPF 30 instead of almost nothing. If you want to wear something and feel sun-protected, add this stuff to the wash before you wear it and baby, you got a stew going!

Zinka Nose Coat- I've talked about this stuff before. Slap on some zinc oxide before outdoor activities (especially on the thin skin on your nose) and rest assured that your nose skin won't peel off and leave you looking like the Crypt Keeper. 

Roxy Stand Up Shoes- Water shoes take the fear factor out of walking around in water you can't see clear to the bottom. These shoes keep you from screaming like a bitch, and also from burning your little feets! Made for stand-up paddle boarding, these shoes protect you from sun damage on a place we always tend to forget.

Roxy Dawn Run Shirt- This shirt, paired with some running shorts, makes for a great early morning, summer run outfit. It's a fun color, super flattering, and an excuse to buy new workout clothes. I need the sun protection damnit! I want cancer-free arms!

Roxy High Seas Spring Suit- Protect your body from the sun and a terrible jacked-hideous wax rash with a cute spring suit whilst out on the water. Wear it when you surf, jet ski, paddle board, just swim around. Spring suits are fun because they're not as restricting as a full wetsuits, but cover you enough to do raucous activities without the fear of flashing beach goers.

Billabong Wander Fedora- If you're not a baseball cap person, or don't want a hat for outdoor exercise, don't forgo one at all. Get a fun woven hat for the beach that is a little breathable so you don't suffer from head sweat which ruins everyone's day!

Hope this helps you make some smart outdoor clothing choice during this sunny season. You don't need fear the sun, just don't be a dumb ass about it! Happy Memorial Day!

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