Monday, May 13, 2013

Maypril Favorites!

Maypril Favorites!

Maypril Favorites! by elbonner featuring evening makeup

All right x3 like Matthew Mconaughey, it's time for some Maypril favorites! I'm calling it "Maypril" because it's too late for April's and too early for all of May's. Here we go!

Insanity- HOLY SHIT THIS IS HARD. For real, if you're not dying by the end of one of these workouts then you're a ubermensch or you're just watching them on the sofa eating pizza rolls. This is a 60 day program that is full-on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is what I love, but have never pushed myself to this level of workout commitment. There's lots of jumping around, so those with joint problems, heart,problems, and any problem that could cause you to die during intense exercise should think long and hard about starting this program. I've started my third week and I've lost 5 lbs. without a huge change in diet. If you want to fit, get this!

Organix Moroccan Surf Paste- Beachy hair is all I've ever wanted and this product does the trick. It has moisturizing argan oil that doesn't make hair dry or brittle when using it. It has a little salt for texture, but is a lot more gentle than some beach sprays.

Veggie Straws-Dump the chips and get some of these! At 130per 37 straws, there's really no reason to even go back to greasy, nasty chips. They're lightly salted, taste like potatoes, and super crunchy. If you've got a chip craving and just can't shake it, get some Veggie Straws.

Under Armour "Amour" Sports Bra- because Insanity requires me to jump around more than I ever have, I needed to replace my crappy, unsupportive sports bras with something that holds shit down. This bra, designed by a bunch of female scientists was heavily tested and made for extreme activity. Great for running too; there is not a lot of bounce and keeps yo' boobies from getting soaked, because no one wants that (perverts)!

Cut-Off Shorts- not just for Never Nudes (May 26th!), it's the summer of cut-offs and I've been hastily making all the shorts I hate, but can't afford to throw out custom cut-offs. DIY post is coming soon!

Suki Exfoliating Cleanser- Smells like Lemon Heads, foams, exfoliates, cleanses; it does the lot. On nights where I just need to scrub I use this super face and earth friendly cleanser and waft in its lemony goodness.

Burts Bees Cocoa and Cupuacu Butter Richly Replenishing Body Moisturizer- Damn, that's one long name! My Aveeno was getting too thick for the warmer weather and picked this up at Target to try. Mostly all-natural ingredients and moisturizes without feeling like you're wearing liquid latex. And most importantly, does not make your butt sweat for half an hour after you put it on!

Fake Bake Flawless Sunless Tanner- My new tanning love; this formula comes with a mitt and nitrile gloves to help evenly distribute the tanner. THE MITT REIGNS SUPREME, even above my own hands in tanner application and this formula makes you dark instantly. It stays on for days and doesn't give me an allergic reaction like Xen-Tan does. And get this, IT'S ONLY $14. Just buy it, stop being dumb and just buy it already!

Lean Cuisine Five-Cheese Rigatoni- So much cheese, so well-portioned and friggin delicious. Any more cheese and it would have been fartmageddon. Viva los Lean Cuisines!

Rainbow Sandals- I wear these pretty much every day that the weather allows. They're supportive, soft, comfortable, and are great for walking in. Rainbows are, by-far, my favorite shoe.

MARGARITAS- They are my favorite drink, I make them all the time, I get them all the time.If I wasn't freaked out by their calories content and had access to them 24/7,  I would be an alcoholic. Don't do that, just appreciate at the right times: out celebrating with friends, relaxing after a long week, or when you hand-squeeze everything and take the effort to make them yourself!

Hope you liked my Maypril favorites. I'm going to do a "misses" post about stuff I hate. Prepare for the bitching! Later Gators!

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