Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Diary: Bonjour, Paris!

My trip did not stop at hiking the Lake District; we made a journey down to Blackpool fora night (very interesting) and then took the Channel Tunnel to France for a three day dream trip to Paris! I really loved Paris. We stayed in the Batignolles neighborhood which was very French and very cute. Little flower shops, patisseries, and cafes were everywhere with a beautiful park in the center. Because I spoke the language well enough to order things, ask questions, and just made the effort,no one was rude to me or gave me a hard time. I always try to take into account that when in another country you need to adjust to them, not them to you; just make the effort and you will be rewarded! Anywho, beautiful city, amazing food, and the most chilled out atmosphere I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. So, let's all have a bottle of champagne, a fromage plate and look at some photos!

Fun was had, pastries were eaten, I can't wait to go back. Makes me want a baguette and a glass of wine just thinking about it. Until next time, bon voyage!

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