Friday, July 19, 2013

Get Your Snorkel On

Get Your Snorkel On

In Two weeks I jet off to sunny (hopefully) Oahu to spend some time in the sunshine and lots of time in the water. I plan on doing lots of snorkeling while I'm there and have a few little wants that can make my snorkel adventures a lot more fun. It beats having to rent equipment that numerous people have spat in to keep clean.

Roxy 2mm Wetsuit Jacket- It's summer, so I don't want a full suit, but when in contact with coral, some species can irritate your skin or you can cut yourself on its sharp edges. This super cute jacket will keep you from having a rash-filled vacation complete with open wounds. 

Color Correcting Snorkel Mask-The deeper you go, the more blue takes over. This mask has tinted lenses that keep the colors you see underwater vivid and true to life; like a color filter on a camera.

DaFin Kick Fins- You want to cover as much ground as you can and unless you were born with freakish human flippers, these adorable Kick Fins will help you move around better. They come in lots of different colors and are compact enough to fit in your luggage.

Sun Bum Pro spf 50- I've raved about this before. This mineral sunscreen is great for a day in crystal clear water where the sun still penetrates. So unless you want to spend the rest of the summer convincing your friends that a dive mask tan line is the cool thing to do, then slap on a high spf sunscreen like Sun Bum's. 

Paul Mitchell Sun Shield Conditioning Spray- Help out your poor hair; it's being dried out by the sun and salt and snagged on your mask. It needs all the help it can get. This conditioning spray contains UV filters that protect hair from sun damage and keep things smooth after a week in the ocean.

I'm so ready to see some beautiful tropical fish seeing as how the water here is full of churned up seaweed and millions of baby jellyfish at the moment. It's like swimming through half-hardened Jell-O. I'm positive these cool things would make for a great snorkel session. See you under the waves!

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