Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Goals!

Fall Goals

Even though it absolutely destroys my soul that summer is almost over, I am still finding ways to cope with another loss of my favorite season. All the college kids are back and they're ALL at the gym and they're ALL hogging the squat racks (had to get that out of the way) and since I'm going to have to work out before work, I'm going to need to find ways to fill my evenings. I have come up with a small, but reasonable list of goals I want to accomplish/work towards this fall so I don't get SAD and kill myself:

1. Surf More! Cooler weather is no reason to stay out of the water! I have my wetsuit (even though it's 10 years old) and I've washed the spider babies out of it from lack of summer wear and it's ready to go! If I'm really lucky, someone will take pitty on me and bestow upon me a Matuse (pretty please!) or a Nineplus wetsuit to make my fall/winter surfing bearable!

2. Work It Out: Well, I'm trying to, but the bros at the gym are all up in my shit! Oh well, this just means I need to get more creative with my workouts and try some new things. Getting in the pool will help with my surfing for sure and give me some water time when it's a little cold for the beach. Some cute new workout stuff might motivate me to have a bikini body all year-round and help shave off some of the "ThanksChristmas" pounds I always put on!

 3. Get Organized!: I have so much shit strewn all over the house it blows my mind. I really do try and go through this stuff as much as I can, but I am a very sentimental person when it comes to my stuff. I get attached to everything. I have decided that if I want to keep things, they need to have a place that is out of sight, or cleverly hidden. Being organized just makes everything flow easier and who doesn't like being able to find things on the regular! So baskets will be purchased and space bags will be used. I'm finally going to get organized!

Photo: Apartment Therapy

4. Get A Hobby!: Nothing makes the hellish winter more standable than an all-engrossing indoor activity that you actually like. I am DYING to learn how to sew and since I'll have cold, rainy, Saturdays with my mom I can get her to show me the ropes! I really want to try my hand at designing my own bathing suits once I get started. I also want to be more crafty when it comes to decorating my apartment. I don't need someone elses art when I can make my own! I've scoured Pinterest and have found so many cool things to do; even paint-dipped sticks seem like a cool idea! I'm willing to try anything to kill the boredom! I've also been formulating and contemplating making my own skincare products with the end result of maybe selling them on Etsy. Once I get my formulas perfect and some more raw materials, I plan on expanding to make all sorts of fun, beachy stuff to sell to the masses! There's so much I want to do and Fall seems like a good time to start!

If you're mega-bummed about the impending death of the years greatest season, don't wallow in your own sadness, get to work on something fun! If you want to be hot by next summer, get to stepping now. Want to perfect your after-sun cream before next years first sun burn? Start experimenting! Want to enter a race in the spring? Run dammit! Happy back to school/relentless cycle of work, everyone!

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