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Rescue Your Do!

Rescue Your Do!

Rescue Your Do! by elbonner featuring tigi haircare

Did you jack up your hair this summer? I sure did. After all my gallivanting amongst the wind and the waves, my hair is dry and brittleand my scalp is screaming for some attention. It's time to start undoing the damage that salt, sand, wind and heat puts on our hair throughout the summer (sorry Australia). You really have to baby your hair after putting it through hell all summer, but there are so many products that can help you do the job.

Wen Aloe Cucumber Cleansing Conditioner- Yeah, it's an infomercial product, but this stuff is great for cleansing your hair without drying sulfates and detergents found in other shampoos. There is even a knock-off version available at Sally Beauty Supply called HairOne that's just as good. Slather a big dollop all over your hair, from roots to ends, leave on for a bit, then wash out. You can follow with conditioner, but only on the ends or you can leave your hair a bit weighed down. If you have fine hair, just use the Wen, rinse, and go!

Deep Conditioning 
Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor- Don't be turned off by the name brunettes, read heads, and raven haired maidens. This awesome conditioner is for all hair colors and utilizes oat proteins and keratin to repair damaged hair. Now, too much protein can actually cause the hair to break off, so use only once a week. That should be enough to get things back in tip-top shape. It smells like fresh pineapples and is one of my favorite deep conditioning treats! 

Sebastian Penetraitt- My all-time favorite conditioner. This stuff detangles and repairs in a fraction of the time a traditional deep conditioner does. You leave it one for 1-2 minutes, rinse, and cry as you behold your beautiful head of hair. I use this twice a week after I shampoo (I only shampoo twice a week, don't judge!) and I always feel like I have a new head of hair when I finish.

Super Treat
 Hei Poa Monoi Oil- Oil massages do wonders for sunburnt scalps and dry hair,so I try to do one at least once every two weeks. This traditional Tahitian blend of coconut oil and pressed tiare (gardenia)flowers create a super healing, amazingly scented oil that I swear is a freaking miracle. Just rub oil in your palms and apply to the scalp in sections. Then coat hair all the way down to the ends and leave in for as long as you want. This is a good Sunday afternoon/lazy day activity that gives you a reason no to leave the house. Monoi is solid at temperatures under 76 degrees and to heat the oil back up, just place the bottle in a bowl of hot water or run under a hot tap. NO MICROWAVE!

It's A 10 Leave-In Treatment- This is my miracle spray. Five to six sprays detangles my hair, conditions away dryness, and leaves everything looking shiny and new. I couldn't recommend this product more.It really is a 10 in my book.

Oribe Apres-Beach Wave and Shine Spray- Want beach hair, but not the damage salt sprays can leave? This beach spray is infused with all sorts of oils and other moisturizers that keep the damage at bay whilst giving you insane volume. Replace your normal drying hairspray with this stuff and you can thank me later (with chocolate).

Styles to Live By- The Power Bun! Everybody loves a giant cinnamon bun on the top of their head! This hairstyle can even disguise an all-day deep conditioning treatment. I use this on days when I didn't want to use heat tools or I'm just being lazy. Great for when I apply just a tad too-much monoi oil on my ends and I don't want to shampoo. Love the bun!

Hope this little glimpse into the world of hair saviors will help you recover from too-much beach fun. Use the products during the winter too to keep dryness at bay. Get conditioning, people!

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