Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Statement Jackets!

Statement Jackets!

Statement Jackets! by elbonner featuring a light weight jacket

JUST SAY NO to dull black and tan jackets this fall. You're not the founding member of the Boring Society, so why should your fall wardrobe? Jackets are things that can really make an outfit whilst actually serving a purpose and this season is featuring lots and lots of cool prints that put your trench to shame! Get some color in your life and make your jacket something you want to keep on instead of praying for someone to steal it from the coat room at a party. These can be paired with what could have been a very plain outfit (t-shirt and jeans) and turned into a super statement! Accessorize with a crazy necklace and cute bag and you'll look cooler than everyone!


Roxy Dancing Shores Jean Jacket

Free People New Romantics Carnival Baseball Jacket

Urban Outfitters Somedays Lovin Botanic Bomber Jacket

Whether you want a smidgen of fun color or an in-your-face print, this fall is loaded with jackets that say more than "I pay my taxes on time!". Jacket-up!

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