Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why Target Takes All of My Money: Fitness Fashion

Fitness Fashion Explosion

Fitness Fashion Explosion by elbonner featuring nylon stockings

I'm sure you're looking at the image above and thinking"there's no way I could afford cool workout clothes like that. Only Luluwhatever and WhoTheNikeKnows makes stuff that cute. Too bad I have to sell my organs to afford it."

 These clothes are from Target...TARGET! I have been trying so hard not to put myself into immediate bankruptcy whenever I walk past the C9 by Champion section because they have such neat stuff for every activity you can think of. And nothing gets me into the gym quicker than when I have a cute new outfit to show off. They have everything from bras to running gloves, yoga cardigans, compression capris, lap swimsuits, and even fancy sweat-wicking underwear to combat your horrendous swamp ass. They all come in really fun colors and prints and in a bunch of mutil-figure flattering pieces; there is something for everyone! Even the shoes look pretty damn decent for home brand athletic shoes. Target's got the money and the eye for style to make great products to keep you looking hot whilst sweating all over squat rack. They also have an insane clearance section too, so go to town and get to work! NO EXCUSES.

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