Saturday, October 5, 2013

Give it to Me Baby: H&M Fall Collection

H&M Fall Collection

H&M Fall Collection by elbonner featuring short sleeve shirts

Just when I thought I really hated fall, H&M comes out with a fall collection that makes me feel okay about never having any extra money ever again. Pending the upcoming Isabel Marant for h&m collaboration, the Swedish retailer has put forth the cooooooolest collection of Marant-ish pieces for those of us not blessed with a store big enough to get any of the collab pieces. My local stores never get any of the designer collections, so seeing this display in the front of the store made me okay with not having to beat another 20something to death for a pair of boots. Everything is just soo stinkin' cool; like wearing-fancy-sunglasses-sipping-espresso-reading-nietzche-at-an-outdoor-cafe cool. PS, I understand the overuse of the dash! What I'm trying to say is, go out, get yourself some of these pieces, and have some great fall/winter pieces that won't cost you an arm and a leg. Get to shopping fools!

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