Friday, October 11, 2013


The weather has been total shit lately. It'se been grey and raining non-stop since Monday and I'm over it, goddammit! All it makes me want to do is snuggle down in a million blankets and eat everything that is bad for me. My body wants to pack it on for the winter and I'm fighting it tooth and nail! I am also fighting the urge to spend unnecessary dollars on new bedding stuff. West Elm has the duvet cover that came literally from my dreams. When I have trouble getting to sleep, I imagine I'm in my beach-front cottage with an awesome, beachy-striped duvet and many fluffy pilows. I check their website like 2 months ago and BAM, there's my dream available for purchase:

Emily's Dream Bed, y'all!  
I've been drowning myself in downy softness on Pinterest too. I can get lost for hours just looking at comfortable stuff! I really like little nap-nooks, and big daybeds with too many pillows. I always seem to fail in the bed design department because I'm too practical when it comes to what actually goes onto my bed, but these all just look so inviting!

 (All photos from Pinterest)

I think it's important to have a sleeping area that you really love and can really relax in. I've been on a quest to find the most comfortable things on the planet and slowly acquire them as the bank account allows. I've also been on the search for the most comfortable pajamas too with no avail. I'm just not satisfied with the comfort available to me, though Target is stepping up their sleepwear game. I don't know guys, I've officially hit the hibernation period and just want to get the stupid dark, cold season over with. I'll perk back up when the flowers do, but until then it's chili and hot chocolate for me.

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