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Make Up For Ever: Aqua Brow

Make Up For Ever: Aqua Brow

Make Up For Ever: Aqua Brow by elbonner featuring aqua makeup

I'm FINALLY getting around to reviewing this amazing product. I don't recommend things that I absolutely love and believe in. I keeps it real! This little tube of taupey magic has become my new favorite brow filler and I'm sharing my love with you for Aqua Brow! Make Up For Ever makes all sorts of amazing products, but this is my favorite one of all. How many times have you bought a eyebrow color only to find that it rubs off, looks like a sharpie, or has waaaay too much of a red tint? Well, all of those things have happened to me, and this little product makes all of these complaints a thing of the past.

1. It is super life-proof: I can put this stuff on at 6:30 am before I go to work, and have fabulous brows all day, no matter how many times I'm rubbed my eyes, scraped my safety goggles on them, whatever the work day throws at me. They stay on through my gym visit which always involves embarrassingly heavy sweating and brow-wiping. This stuff won't come off until you wash your face; guaranteed. The only time I can see this product maybe coming off is during summertime wear when you're reapplying sunscreen at the beach/pool/whatever outdoor activity. I can see the emollients in the sunscreen maybe shifting this stuff around. Even so, I am excited to see how well it works in the 110 degree sticky heat we get here in August!

2. This stuff looks super natural. I was worried that a liquid brow product would look like I just drew a line across my face in brown magic marker, but it dries to a powdery finish that isn't glittery, shiny, or flakey. I once bought a pretty pricey brow gel from a famous eyebrow brand and when I opened it the brow gel was a metallic, glittery bronze. WHAT. THE. HELL. I can't imagine who went into that R&D meeting and said "You know what this brow gel needs? A BUTTLOAD OF OBNOXIOUS GLITTER". Aqua Brow= no glitter, just natural looking brows.

3. NO RED TINT: this is huge! Brow products that don't make your brows look eerily orange are few and far between. I got mine in shade #25 (Ash) and it's the prefect greyish brown with NO RED. I'm already the pinkest human on earth, I don't need any more red in my life!

To show you just how lovely this product is, I'm hesitantly showing you a before/after where I have no other makeup on to take away from the brow experience!

As you can see, it's not that I have no eyebrows, it's just that the ones towards the middle of my face are a bit sparse and mine tend to grow in blond on the ends, nearly black in the middle of the hair, and blond/white at the root which makes them look really patchy.

Thaaaat's better. Everything's a but more filled in and much less patchy. I think the color matches well and doesn't make them look too dark!

All I use to work on my brows is the Aqua Brow itself, a spoolie (mascara free mascara wand for brushing things into place), and a decently stiff angled brow-filler brush. I got mine from Sephora, but Sonia Kashuk fot Target makes a good one too (left it in England :(:( ).

Again, I apologize for the pasty, makeup-less face, but I wanted the brows to be the focal point! Aqua Brow is my new favorite and the little $20 will last me forever. You only need the smallest amount to get the best effect. Find Aqua Brow and other Make Up For Ever products at Sephora and upgrade your eyebrows!

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*Got a few questions about using this product if you have light-to-no eyebrows and the answer there is get yourself some stencils! Some good ones are e.l.f Cosmetics Brow stencil kit if you don't want to spend a lot ($4 on amazon) or Anastasia Brow Stencils (available at Sephora and Ulta) which are pricier, but tried and true. Hope this helps!

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