Friday, March 21, 2014

Keep It Short: Wonderland Honolulu

Can I get a big collective "Hell yeah" for these pom pom shorts from Wonderland Honolulu?! I am so in love with the shorts; it's almost to a weird unhealthy point sort of like a celebrity stalker. Okay, maybe not that bad (I'm not that big of a weirdo!), but you cannot deny the awesomeness of these shorts! They are handmade right on the beautiful island of Oahu and come in all sorts of awesome aloha prints to satisfy all of your tropical pom pom shorts needs. The reasoning behind my love of these short is threefold: 1.) They're basically gym shorts I can wear on a summer night out (big plus), 2. ) They are super lightweight which is great for 90+ degree muggy summer in Virginia that sometimes denim shorts are too heavy for, and 3.) They look like the trim on a giant novelty sombrero and are colorful enough for me to spill hot sauce on and not really be able to see (it always happens). I know that was actually four reasons, but there are so many other reasons to love these shorts! They are available on Wonderland Honolulu's Etsy site and they come in limited quantities since they are handmade. I haven't gotten my hands on them yet; I am using them as a reward for working out every weekday I'm not working late until the first day of summer and what a sweet reward it will be! Even though I'm not allowing myself to buy every pair they have, that doesn't mean that you can't! Treat yo'self after you get your tax return or just get a fun piece to upgrade your summer wardrobe. I love pom poms!!


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