Monday, March 17, 2014

Money Grubbers: New Wallets for Spring!

Wallets for Spring!

Wallets for Spring! by elbonner featuring green bags

I have a confession to make: I hate my wallet. I didn't hate it when I bought it, but it was my first foray away from a large wallet since my Roxy Velcro wallet phase that probably lasted longer than it should have. The wallet I have now can't hold bills that aren't folded, the soft leather is very floppy and it's small enough to get lost in the cavernous abyss that is my giant purse. I am, for what might be the first time ever, on a hardcore wallet hunt. I have never had a problem getting wallet because almost every one I've ever had has been given to me as either a birthday gift, Secret Santa present, or a "I bought this and hated it, now you get it" present from my mom. I am excited at all the new possibilities that wallet shopping can bring, but unfortunately, my old nemesis has reared it's head again. It's almost a law of nature that the one thing I really want, whether it be purses, shoes, or even Greek yogurt, is the most expensive one I find. I am having this problem with my current wallet obsession. Cleobella is an awesome retailer of handbags, but they make these "Mexicana" wallets that are just the dogs bollocks. They come in every bright, obnoxious color you can imagine and they just look super cool. Of course, they are $138 a piece, but maybe I'll find $200 stuffed in the pocket of something (never ever going to happen) and spoil myself with a fabulous wallet.

But because I live in the lame world of reality, I will probably be looking at my old haunts like Target, H&M, and Urban Outfitters to find myself a fun new money-holder. Now, these places are in no way a downgrade, in fact, I might find something even better than what I originally lusted after. For now, I'm still shopping around for the perfect wallet, but I can gaurentee this: it will be neon, it will be big, and it will have at least 4 Pita Pit cards in it because I always tell the cashier I forgot mine. Organize your life and get a new wallet!

Cleobella Mexicana Wallet
Cooperative Colorblock Zip-Aorund Wallet- Urban Outfitters
Merona for Target Zip-Around Wallet

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