Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Because I Can: Beach Treasures

Beach Treasures

Holy crap, do I have the beach on my mind! It's been warm, it's been sunny, I've shaved more than I have in the past 6 months; that time of year is here! If it wasn't already stupid-obvious, the beach is my favorite entity on the face of the earth and I try to spend as much time there as I can. If all was right with the world, I'd have a little beach cottage where I could look out upon the ocean every day, but that's kind of a pipe dream right now. What I can do is surround myself with beachy stuff to keep me happy between sweet, salty, sandy release!

Body (R)
L'Aromarine Oceane perfume- Fresh and cool, like a good day by the ocean! Not a sweet or sunscreen-scented fragrance, but an earthy aquatic scent.

Earth Tu Sea Salt Scrub- Made with all organic oils and no preservatives; this scrub is effective without being harsh and a chemical-laden mess!

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Hair Spray- The super hip beach spray of the moment. I love the simplicity of the packaging and the turquoise color. Reminds me of Waimea Bay!

Bobbi Brown Beach Body Lotion- This lotion is a part of Bobbi Brown's hugely successful "Beach" line, which makes sense because the beach is awesome. Why would you not want to smell like it all the time? Kosmo Kramer does!

Malie Organics Plumeria Beauty Oil- Want to smell like a Hawaiian vacation whilst nourishing your skin with rich tropical oils? This company has all sorts of scents to keep you on island time, all the time!

Clothing (L)
Raen Optics Underwood Glasses- A more modern take on the Ray-Ban Clubmaster; these shades are cooler than cool. Good quality that won't make you cancel your Netflix subscription, Raen makes some pretty cool from for sun and prescription glasses wearers. Can't go wrong with these!

Wildfox Couture "Born On The Beach" Shirt- Do I really need to say more? It's like they made it for me! Soft cotton and the word BEACH plastered all over it; two thumbs up!

Roxy Mystic Beach Bag- Now I can finally bring my love for shibori tot he beach with this cute bag from Roxy. Simple, but fun, just like the beach!

J. Crew Chambray Shorts- Denim shorts without all the stiffness your usual cutoffs can have. No more doing the "shimmy stiff shorts over my sandy butt" dance with these. Elasticated waists aren't just for ill-fitting sweatpants anymore!

Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet- The pinnacle of beach jewelry. It's not overdoing it, but still really pretty and they come in all the colors of the rainbow!

Reef Swing II Flip Flop- Everyone needs a pair of decent, leather (or leather-like) flip flops for the summer. They hold up better than rubber ones and look nice enough to be worn at a restaurant! They are the ultimate multi-tasker!

If you're lucky enough to have the ocean close by you, spend some quality time with it this summer. If you crave it during the week like I do, inject some beachy fun into your wardrobe and beauty products! Happy Tuesday, everyone; hang ten!

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