Saturday, June 28, 2014

Mini Photo-Diary: Lazy Life

I'm not that lazy. I did wash and vacuum my car (half-assedly) and I grilled up a really awesome lunch of salmon and veggies, but I did spend the majority of my day laying in the backyard. I wasn't really feeling up to doing a lot today, so I did one thing for an hour and let is count for the other 23! Being lazy for a day is fine as long as that day doesn't extend into like 8; but summer is made for lazing!

I started my morning off with a Pitaya (dragon fruit) smoothie with some granola for added crunchiness. I like Pitaya (available here) because it tastes like a strawberry mixed with a pineapple and it makes everything freakishly hot pink; just how I like it!

I loaded up my cooler bag with all sorts of drinks, fruits, snacks, and even my thermal water spray. I love this Foodland bag. My mom and I were kicking ourselves for not bringing some back when we went on our trip because they were all over the place and so cute. I actually found this one and another one at an Asian grocery store here in VA. Don't know how they got there, but thanks anyways! And no, I didn't steal them from under someone's shopping cart!  I'm also obsessed with Vita Coco's Coconut Water Lemonade. It's coconut water and lemon puree and it is sooo good. I've been on a huge lemonade kick lately and this made my summer even better.

Speaking of thermal water, a friend told me this La Roche Posay thermal water was available at Target ($12), so I hauled ass over there and got the biggest can I could find. Thermal water may just be mineral water in a can, but the mister on these things are stuff of legends. I stick this in the fridge, transfer to the cooler, and mist myself like some sort of Beverly Hills trophy wife whenever I get a little parched. I love it, darling!

Sorry for my nasty feet, but I love my new polish (which you can't see very well) from Sally Hansen called Make Waves. I think it's from their triple shine line and it's a rich turquoise with a lime green shimmer. Soooooo beautiful; it reminds me of the color of the water in Hawaii. I also like my hot pink, plastic Adirondack chairs. They're all over the place here in the southeast and I think they're great!

It was pretty warm today, and I'm also forcing myself to drink more during the day so I invested in a really nice water bottle.My boyfriend actually got one of these first and it has been a lifesaver on our backpacking and beach trips. This bottle from Klean Kanteen in insulated and can keep drinks cold for up to 24 HOURS. There's nothing better than taking a icy-cold sip of water after a long day backpacking when your Camel Back water is like drinking water that's been sitting in your car all afternoon. I highly recommend this bottle for anyone who like things to stay cold. It keeps warm drink warm for up to 6 hours. It says you can even keep soup and spaghetti in it. Hell yeah, spaghetti on the go! Today, I filled my bottle with ice cubes and some pink grapefruit flavored Perrier. Mineral water is good when you're out in the sun, because it helps replace any minerals you sweat out throughout the day. Plus, it's almost like a soda due to the fizz, but no calories!

And finally, you can't have an outside day without a good magazine. This one was all about moving to tropical island and was basically written for me. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and get some time outside! Bon weekend!

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