Thursday, July 10, 2014

Healthy Snacks That Won't Make You Hate Everything

Being healthy is super good for you; I mean, it's the only way to really ensure you'll be rockin' and rollin' for a long time to come. The problem with being healthy is that with all the terrible stuff out that taste just so damn good, it's really difficult to be good when you're surrounded by demons all the time. I pass every fast food restaurant you could imagine, there are two donut shops close by that DELIVER, there are three ice cream establishments within a lazy walking distance, and Amazon Prime makes it possible for me to have cookies auto-shipped to my house twice a month. It's really easy to get off track, and I have a thousand times. My weak points are when I don't have a snack before lunch and that dangerous time before dinner when I'm as ravenous as a bunch of starved wolves. The key is healthy snacks. Healthy snack can keep a craving from turning into a 4500 calorie, open-gullet,  food dump. I demonzied snacks until I realized that I can't clean the same for room 25 times without replenishing the fuel supply. I have a little arsenal of healthy snack now to keep the fire burning before lunch, before my workout or before dinner!

1. Apple with Peanut Butter
Any apple, any low-sugar peanut butter. Done. It's great if peanut butter runs through your veins and want something a little healthier than crackers to eat it with. This is great in the fall when apples are in season and super cheap. this can also be made into a sandwich for a hefty-yet-healthy lunch.

2. Rice Cakes (With Toppings!!)
Rice cakes have gotten a bad wrap as a tasteless cardboard disk, but it's an edible plate full of possibilities! Rice cakes are the vessel upon which healthy dreams can occur! Herer are some of my favorite combos:
Plain rice cake, peanut butter, coconut flakes
White cheddar rice cake, hummus, red pepper strips
Popcorn rice cake, almond butter, blueberries

The possibilities are really endless! Stop throwing rice cakes to the curb and add something to them!

3. Tuna Salad
Get out of here mayonnaise! You're not invited to this tuna salad partay! Tuna salad is a versitile wonder fish that can go with all sorts of different mix-ins. Here are some good ones:
Greek Yogurt
Red Onion
Green Onion
Hot Sauce
Spicy Mustard
Red Cabbage
Dried Cranberries
Diced Tomatoes

I reccommend axing the usual mayo and using Greek yogurt for extra protein and fewer calories. Eat it on some wheat crackers,on a rice cake (!!), or just plain out of your tupperware! Tuna has lots of protein and not a lot of carbs so it's a great snack!

4. Deviled Eggs
Deviled eggs are not just for cookouts and unwanted office parties. Eggs are eggcellent (hur hur!) sources of protein and keep you full and satisfied! Eggs are good for you, it's been proven over and over again, and these deviled eggs don't need mayo to make them delicious. Good things to mix in with your yolks are as follows:

Guacamole Eggs- egg yolk, mashed avocado, diced red onion, diced tomato, lime juice, cayenne pepper
Classic- egg yolk, spicy mustard, relish,salt, pepper, smoked paprika
Sinus Clearing- egg yolk, horseradish, sea salt, pepper, Parmesan cheese 

One or Two eggs are all you need to pump the energy levels back up and get back to doin' your thang!

All of these snack are easy to make ahead of time, travel well, and taste great. They are full of protein, fiber, and stuff that keeps your body happy and healthy. No celery sticks or baby carrots here, these are great for people who are looking to keep the muscle and hustle! Ok, enough with the stupid rhymes, try bringing these to work and school and see the difference in your energy level and ravenous end-of-the-day hunger! Eat up, everyone!

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