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At Home and Across The Pond: Soap and Glory Favorites!

Soap & Glory Favorite

Soap & Glory Favorite by elbonner featuring fabric home decor

Do you ever forget about something you used to love, come back to it, and wonder why you ever left? I had that happen when I was on my trip to England. I always venture into a Boots Chemist/Pharmacy while I'm there so I can pick up stuff like body lotion and deodorant and just like all the other time, I dawdled around the aisles looking for something new (I always want to try new things). Long ago, I used to buy Soap and Glory products from Boots like it was going out of style. It was new, fun, and not available at home. Boots was then purchased or merged with Target and Soap and Glory came to the states, and unfortunately the whole mystique I had built up in my mind around Soap and Glory was gone. It's like I forgot about all the awesome stuff they had! Not only that, Target stopped carrying it and they switched over to Sephora which meant one thing, waaaay more pricey. 
The good about spending time away from something you used to love is that it makes it all the more exciting when you see it again in a whole new light! When I went into Boots a few weeks ago I saw that the shelf or two of Soap and Glory of the past turned into a big display of all sorts of new products and scents! It was like seeing an old friend and having that feeling where everything felt just like it did when you first found them and it's comfortable, but fun and new at the same time!
The UK product line is MUCH more extensive than what is available in America, which bums me out because they have the most wonderful scents going on across the pond. In the states, we can only find a fraction of what's available back in England, including cosmetics, a ton of great skin care, and some amazing scented body products. I've listed my US and UK favorites here for you!

Sugar Crush Body Wash- Smells like a vanilla lime milkshake. It takes everything in me not to eat this stuff or spread it on top of an ice cream cake; like a Key Lime pie for your body! You only need like 2-3 pumps on a body pouf and you're wrapped in a delicious, non-drying foam that makes even the earliest of showers better.

Sugar Crush Body Scrub- Not oily, which is a huge must if you don't want to fall and break your hip in the bathtub. Same great fragrance as the body wash and you really can't go wrong with a good sugar scrub and S&G are great when it comes to scrubs.

Sugar Crush Body Butter- Soap and Glory are known for their body butters and for good reason: THEY'RE FREAKING AMAZING! Their signature butter formula is made even better by, you guessed it, the sweet limey vanilla scent that makes you consider eating it out of the jar. 

The Righteous Butter Lotion- Nicely scented body lotion that is high on moisture and low on greasiness. I cannot stand putting on lotion to begin with and I'm really bad about putting it on because I HATE feeling greasy afterwards. This stuff soaks in right away and lasts a long time. The scent can be a little strong, but I love how well it moisturizes so I sort of look past it and if anyone complains they can really and truly suck it.

All US Products Available at Sephora

Orangeasm Body Scrub- Smells like all the citruses thrown together and I couldn't be happier. Citrus is a great shower scent because it wakes you up and puts you in a good mood. I am kicking myself for not bringing back 50 jars of this stuff in my suitcase and on my person. It's like smuggling level awesome. If you're in the UK, go to Boots, pop open a jar, have a sniff, and have a big ol' Orangeasm right in the store!

Peaches and Clean Facial Cleanser- Great cleanser for removing makeup whilst being gentle. It's getting closer to winter in the UK and a gentle cleanser is a must for those with dry and sensitive skin. Really wish more of the skincare was available over here in the states!

Orangeasm Body Wash- Smells like the scrub, but you can justify using it every day! It comes in a giant bottle and is a great waker-upper!

Smoothie Star Body Milk- Please bring this to America, Soap and Glory. This lotion smells like you're immersed in the most delicious bowl of honey-filled oatmeal. Soap and Glory does lotions really well and this lotion soaks in immediately and keeps dryness away all day long!

All UK Products Available at Boots

If you're looking for something new to try or you're rediscovering an old friend, go out and give Soap and Glory a go! They make excellent Christmas gift sets and now is the time (even though it's not even Halloween!) you'll start seeing them in stores. Give yourself some TLC and get scented!

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