Sunday, November 23, 2014

Spread The Christmas Gear!

Christmas Gear!

I know modern-day Christmas is just a holiday created by retailers to get you to max out all of your credits cards and is secretly evil, but sometimes it's fun to fantasize about the stuff you might get. This is not only a Christmastime thing for me, but there's something about this season of excess that makes anything seem possible! When I make lists and things for people (they ask for them!), I usually end up putting things on them I really need (new work scrubs, practical winter gloves), not things that I particularly fixate on. I don't want anyone wasting their money! But there's something fun about wanting stuff and Christmas is the perfect time to want stuff (especially beachy stuff). But don't forget, there are plenty of people out there who will be receiving little-to-no stuff for Christmas, so give when you can to make someone elses dreams come true! Now, on the eve of the now Thanksgiving Shopocalypse here's a list of stuff that I don't necessarily need, but totally love anyways! Who knows, maybe someone in your life does need this stuff! Happy shopping season!

Special Jewelry Bonanza!

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