Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall-Out: Tropical Skin and Hair Savers

Tropical Skin and Hair Savers

Tropical Skin and Hair Savers by elbonner featuring Malie Organics bath & body products

Well, I can safely say that I have had enough of cold weather. I had a cold and windy run this morning, and even though last week I got a teensy bit excited about fall stuff, I have totally gotten that all out of my system. I am now in full-on tropical mode and wishing for warmer weather, big flowers, palm trees, and warm water. No pumpkin spice concotion or Christmas cookie can give me the sort of joy I get when I walk out of my front door without having to wear a goddamn jacket. Layering is the worst; don't deny it! Even though my city is not going to turn into tropical paradise anytime soon (hurry up, global warming), there are still things I can do to make my life a little more "paradise" and a little less "please kill me, it's cold". Tropical ingredients are great for relieveing winter skin woes too; too much sun=dry skin just as too much cold/wind= dry skin. I can at least use some fabulously scented products to keep my skin and hair in tip-top shape so I'll be totally bangin' by summer's arrival!


Organic Fiji Nourishing Lotion- A thick, yet wearable daily lotion that's good when you need moisture, but still need to put skinny jeans/leggings on. This will keep you just a moisturized as a thicker lotion due to the high fat content from organic coconut oil, but sinks in faster so you can get ready faster!

Hei Poa Monoi Oil- I will always sing the praises of monoi. It's great for skin and hair and I always have a bottle of this handy in the winter and summer time. In winter, I put it on under a body butter when my skin is really dry and unhappy and I'm taken away to a tiare-scented, moisturized skin paradise!

Macadamia Nut Oil- Excellent for dry or mature skin; oils are great for your body no matter what season it is. Macadamia oil is rich, but soaks in well to keep your skin flake free even in the coldest of places!

Malie Plumeria Beauty Oil- This really is a beautiful product. Made in Hawaii with native ingredients, Malie Organics makes you feel like you're miles away from dead leaves and dangerously aggressive holiday shoppers. This oil comes in all types of different scents, but plumeria is my favorite!

Saffron James Nani Perfume Oil- Don't spray yourself with alcohol-laden fragrances, use something that benefits your skin and lasts longer! You're going to be power blasted with full, Arctic-force winds until March, so why not use a perfume oil that stays on a smelling great. Saffron James makes the best perfume oils and are all based on famous Hawaiian scents. WIN-WIN!

Pure Fiji Body Butter- For when a lotion isn't enough, this super rich body butter comes in scents like coconut, pineapple, mango, and starfruit to keep you comfortable and smelling nice! Made with Fijian ingredients, it's the ultimate skin-based escapism!


Macadamia Oil Hair Mask- Rich moisture for wind and cold-damaged hair. Winter really sucks the moisture out of my entire being; my hair included. This masque is great on a cold, rainy Sunday when I can keep it in for a few hours to really let everything soak in.It works great in a pinch, too, and can give you soft, shiny hair after only having it in for a few minutes.

Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk- This thick cream is best when left on damp hair to dry naturally. It gives me soft, shiny waves without any gnarly dry ends. I also use this in my hair before and winter surf sessions to keep the cold salt water from double-destroying it. Smells AMAZING!

Alba Hawaiian Hair Products- I basically love the entire Alba Hawaiian line. I haven't tried one product that I wouldn't buy again and again. They're hair care line is great for everyday care; sulfate-free shampoos that don't strip moisture and light-but-moisturizing conditioners that don't weigh your hair down with too much product. Plus, they smell like what I believe heaven smells like. My favorites are the plumeria shampoo and gardenia conditioner. 

Winter can be a tough time for skin and hair, and super tough for those who would rather smell like a tropical flower garden than a cinnamon smothered Christmas tree. So if you're a fellow winter-hater, get some warm, tropical scents in your life and pray for warmth!

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