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It's a Hairicle: Living Proof

Hairicle: Living Proof

Hairicle: Living Proof by elbonner featuring living proof hair care

It's cold outside, and unless you live in a tropical climate or you are one of those freaks who enjoys it, life is pretty terrible right now. It was 18 degrees last Thursday morning; what the hell is that?! Anhywho, something that goes hand-in-hand with frigid temperatures is dryness, whether it be your hands, face or hair, it's all over the place! Winter is literally sucking the moisture from your body!When the going gets tough, this woman gets going to Sephora to pick up things to make life worth living again int he winter. Now, I have mentioned this brand before, but only very briefly, and it deserves much more attention than a blog blurb every once and a while. So here it is, my ode to Living Proof: my favorite haircare line ever!

Living Proof was created by a bunch of eggheads up at Harvard University, citing that haircare has evolved little in the past 40 years and it was time for a shake-up! They created a molecule, OFPMA (Octafluoropentyl Methacrylate to be exact) that was created to seal the hair shaft without the use of oils or silicones which can weigh hair down and hold onto dirt. OFPMA is responsible for Living Proofs amazing ability to keep styles cleaner and longer lasting, making it easier to go between styling and keep dryness at bay by reducing the frequency of washings. I thought this was a bunch of bologna until my mom got me a few products for Christmas 2013, after that I couldn't bring myself to really care about any other line of hair care. It keeps my hair from being greasy, smells AMAZING, and just makes my hair look healthier. I have collected a few favorite products and I am going to share them with you!

Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner- Great for frizz (no way!), this shampoo has the signature Living Proof scent which I cannot help but huff in the shower. This contains OFPMA which smooths out hair, helping to keep excess moisture out. This combo is also very moisturizing if you have issues with dryness, but it also isn't so heavy that it makes hair greasy. All-in-all a great combo!

Style Extender- Touted as "primer for your hair", this product is put on after washing to help keep your styles lasting longer. It's free of anything heavy or greasy and can be used from root to tip to keep hair looking good for way longer than normal! If you don't shampoo your hair daily, this can be used after a quick rinse to add some moisture to ends. I love this stuff and use it a lot!

Restore Instant Repair Lotion- Like a leave-in conditioner that really leaves frazzled hair feeling stronger. I think this is a great winter hair treat when the weather is drying out everything and it needs a little TLC!

Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Treatment- This is probably my favorite Living Proof Product. This stuff smooths, shines, and volumizes without being heavy or sticky. I use it daily and I will always have it around. It makes everything easier and more manageable!

Straight Styling Spray- This stuff is incredible. It gives you a flat iron-like straight style with just a blow dryer and a flat brush, getting rid of an extra steps worth of heat damage. Just spray all over damp hair, grab your paddle brush, and get to drying! I couldn't believe I could get a style as straight as I did without a flat iron. Why didn't I have this when I was obsessed with super straight hair, which lead to it's ultimate destruction from all the heat damage! A must-buy for those who crave straightness!

Satin Hair Serum- After you straighten your hair and you want a little extra shine, try the satin hair serum! It's light and doesn't contain silicones like most hair serums that leave hair with that weird, pseudo-greasy feel that builds up over time and weighs hair down. This one makes things shiny and smooth for multiple wears. It's probably the only hair serum I've ever really liked.

Instant Texture Mist- After being a long-time user of Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, this stuff is a pretty good alternative. It gives damp or dry hair windblown texture that looks super cool and undone. We spend so much time trying to make done hair look un-done; this mist makes it easy! Just spray and go!

Now, I am in now way bring sponsored or paid by Living Proof to rave about these products, but I wouldn't hate it if they did. The truth is, Living Proof is definitely pricier than your typical drugstore haircare, but if you want no nonsense, excellent style every time you use a product, I feel like that's worth it. The only time I have really awful hair days are when I decide to use something different (fool!). If you've got some extra dough around or just want to try something new, give one of these products a try! Good hair days for all!

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