Saturday, January 24, 2015

All Greek To Me: Visions of Vacation

All Greek To Me: Visions of Vacation

The past few weeks have truly been cold, miserable, a have sucked the joy and happiness out of just about everything. All it makes me want to do is daydream of somewhere sunny, warm, and far away from work and from the day-to-day crap that we all wish we didn't have to do. Since I'm not planning on going anywhere like this, I can at least have fun with the idea! I've recently been into everything Greek, and by Greek I mean Greek Islands. The blue Aegean, sun-soaked, whitewashed houses clinging to the sides of cliffs, surrounded by crystal blue water, topped off with little blue-domed houses dotting the skyline! That sort of scenery pairs perfectly with linen tees, slouchy jeans and some strappy, flat sandals. Don't forget a giant bag to hold all of your chicken souvlaki and pounds of feta cheese! I've really been digging the whole deep blue and white combo and decided to make a little tribute to the simple, yet beautiful pair. So, if you're in a winter slump, don't be blue, get some beautiful Grecian blue in your life! And besides, it's nothing a little ouzo and baklava can't fix! Opa!

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