Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Llama Drama: Cotopaxi Favorites!

Cotopaxi Favorites! by elbonner featuring a landscape painting

Cool new brand alert! I'll admit, the thing that drew me to Cotopaxi was the llama on the logo, but I stayed for all the awesome outdoor gear! Cotopaxi (named after an Ecuadorian volcano) is an outdoor apparel and gear company that not only makes really cool stuff, but gives back to charitable organizations that work break the cycle of poverty by funding health initiatives, educational efforts, and entrepreneurial ventures for people in need around the globe. I'm always on the lookout for companies with a conscience and I'm excited to try some of the offerings from Cotopaxi! Here are a few things on my wish list:

1. Paray Lightweight Jacket- This is a lightweight, hooded shell that is made for wet runs and summer showers. This jacket packs down small for easy packability and is a great just-in-case piece!

2. Fuego Down Jacket: I am seriously lusting after this jacket. I've been dying for a shorter length puffer jacket to have on not-so-freezing winter days (thanks, global warming) so I'm not having to wear my giant sleeping bag coat and this jacket has been haunting my dreams for weeks! It comes complete with a water resistant finish that keeps you warm even when it's wet. Santa, be on alert!

3. Peak T-Shirt: Simple, royal blue; what's not to like?!

4. Luzon Del Dia Backpack: This happy little day pack is great for quick adventures or just to carry your junk around town. Each backpack is different so it's really individual to you! The workers at their factory in the Philippines get to choose what colors go into every bag, so they were made with love just for you!

5. Libre Sweater: This is actually a pre-order piece, but it screams mid-nineties nostalgia dream and I had to include it. This is a unisex sweater so it can be enjoyed by everyone! It's made from ultra soft llama wool that is anti stink and super flexible for all your outdoor activities!

6. Tiny Llama T-Shirt: Explanation? TINY LLAMA T-SHIRT!!

Any of these items would make a great holiday gift for someone, or even yourself, or even just an any time present for fun! Not only are you treating a yourself to some quality stuff, you're also helping out people in need. Win-win!


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