Sunday, November 27, 2016

Shopping Guru: Gifts for Runners

Gifts for Runner by elbonner featuring C9 by Champion

Have someone in your life who runs? Chances are you do, and even though running is basically a free sport, why not capitalism-it-up with some cool stuff your running friends and family won't be able to live without!

(From left to right)

1. Foxtails Sunglasses from Sunski- These lightweight, polarized glasses are great for protecting your eyes on a sunny run. They feature super light polycarbonate frames, and for $58 for polarized glasses they're a great pair for running.  I mean you won't feel as bad scraping these up as you would a $300 pair of Maui Jims? My point exactly!

2. T-Pin Roller: This is a foam roller and a lacrosse ball combined in the way that you can easily roll on it, but you can also really isolate tight areas with the balls (huh huh). If you run, you know the importance of stretching and rolling things out and this product gives you a great tool for your legs, back, and anywhere else you can reach! It can really get into knotty areas that a flat foam roller can't like hips, lower back, and even between your shoulder blades!

3. Injinji Toe Socks: These socks are great for preventing blisters on your toes whilst running. They are the only socks I wear to run and they come in a bunch of colors for the special lady or man runner in your life!

4. Nuun Hydration Tablets: These tablets replace the electrolytes lost when you sweat, keeping you hydrated and on the trail! These are really great for any activity where you'll be sweating a lot and taste pretty darn good. My favorite is the strawberry lemonade!

5. Territory Run Co. Trucker Hat: I still like trucker hats; there I said it! They keep the sun out and the mesh backing is great for ventilation when your head starts to get hot. This company from Oregon makes a lot of cool running stuff and this hat was one of my favorite items! Way cooler than you Von Dutch from middle school.

6. Amphipod Hand held Water Bottle: Holding a normal water bottle in your hand while you run sucks and those hydration belts are so goofy. I just can't! This hand held has a giant pocket big enough to hold an iPhone 7, keys, cards, and a chapstick. It also holds 16oz. of sweet hydration!

7. Avasol Mineral Sunscreen Stick spf 30: This is my favorite sunscreen for my face, especially in the winter because it is very moisturizing. It's non irritating, 100% mineral spf, and now comes in three handy shades! Just because it's winter doesn't mean you don't need the screen!

8. C9 by Champion Headband: C9 is one of the best lines at Target and they have amazing cold weather running accessories. A fleecy headband that covers your ears is a must if you don't want to wear a hat or like having a high ponytail while you run. It gives you some ventilation with the open top, but protects your little ears from the elements!

9. Territory Run Co Merino "Instinct" Socks: Merino wool is great because of its ability to wick away sweat and these socks are damn cute so what's the hold up? Great if you want to keep your ankles warm on chilly runs!

10. C9 by Champion Smart Phone Running Gloves: Running gloves are an absolute must and smart phone gloves are an absolute must. Put them together, and you have these! Use your phone and keep your fingers warm at the same time! Great for catching Pokemon on your warm-up/cool-down (some people still do it!).

Hope that was helpful in giving you ideas for the Forest Gump in your family! Winter running can be cold and uncomfortable, make it better with a few creature comforts this holiday season!

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