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Allow Me To Exfoliate...

Allow Me To Exfoliate...

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Exfoliation is the key to happiness. I know I already posted about my homemade scrub, but that's not the only exfoliator that I use to keep me silky smooth and baby-faced. It takes an arsenal of face and body care products to keep my annoying dry, flaky skin at bay and this is how I do it!

For may face, I've used a couple of exfoliators that I really enjoy. I've used grainy scrubs and acid-based products that eat my dull skin away for me. I like both for different reasons and use them at different times, but I will go over which and when once I get to the descriptions. So without further a-do I'll start my list:

Face Care

1. Origins Modern Friction. This face scrub is used on dry skin and it utilizes corn and rice granules to get you face funky fresh and soft. I use this primarily in the winter when my skin isn't sunburned or wind-chapped because this stuff is the real deal. Using it on dry skin is what makes it so effective and to make it a bit more gentle use it with water. Only use this scrub like 3 times a week because any more than that and you might not have any skin left on your face, Crypt Keeper. IT'S THAT INTENSE. Not really, but close!  

2. My next favorite is an acid-based exfoliator which is actually in a different container, but I couldn't find a decent picture for it. It's Alpha H's Liquid Gold with glycolic acid. This is worn at night after cleansing and it eats all of your dead skin away! Great in the summer time when you want to exfoliate,but are apprehensive because your skin might be a little sensitive because of sun damage. The only drawback is that if you want it to work you can't use a moisturizer with it, it's just like putting water on your face. So if you hate that not-moisturized feeling this might not be your best bet,but it makes your skin look awesome and really helps me with acne and blackheads.

3. This Glycolic Gel by Mario Badescu is a lot like the one from AlphaH, but in gel form. It's easier to get a hold of than Alpha H and is a big cheaper. It's worn every other night like Liquid Gold and has a bit lighter exfoliation.

4. ExfoliKate by Kate Sommerville is the whole shebang; grainy exfoliators, plus enzymes and acids to eat away all the nasties. This comes in the original formula as well as one suited for acne and a lightweight version for sensitive skin. I friggin' love this stuff, but the price tag is a bit steep. When you will stop at nothing to get smooth skin, go with this one.

Body Care

1. I love The Body Shop. They have singular scents that smell like the real deal and this coconut scrub is great fora light to moderate exfoliation. It smells like suntan lotion and doesn't leave you or your bathtub a greasy death trap. So if you want smooth skin and don't want your family to find your naked lifeless body positioned unattractively in the bathtub after you've fallen, get this scrub!

2. One of my pet peeves with sunless tanning is all the scrubbing I have to do to get all my rough spots soft again. This product exfoliates AND tans you AT THE SAME TIME. Dr. Dennis Gross's Alpha Beta Glow pads are available in body and facial sized cloths that get you tan and smooth at once and don't look orangey or fake.

3. Ole Henrikson's Rub'n'Buff is one of the best smelling and most effective body scrubs I've ever used. It smells clean and fresh and uses salt to scrub away grossness. It recommends you use it on dry skin and skin that hasn't recently been shaved or you'll be a'hurtin.


1. GET A CLARISONIC. I can't stress it enough; it's a sonicare toothbrush for your face and every dentist on earth worth their potatoes uses a sonicare toothbrush. It doesn't spin, it sonically shakes the dirt off of your face. You can use this every night, it has brushes for every skin type and feels like a massage every time you use it. It only needs to be charged once every 6 weeks and the brush heads get changed every 3 months. Easy peasy!

2. Using a body brush before you shower or bathe has been said to up your circulation and reduce cellulite. It can't hurt to try. I can't say it has  made my cottage cheese disappear (I'm not afraid to admit it!), but it makes my skin and my keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) much much better. These can be found in just about any bath and body store, so if you want an exfoliation that really gets you to wake up try a dry brush.

3. Lastly, these gloves are all over the place and really do a good job when you're traveling. It's not a liquid so it's safe for the plane, you can use them on wet or dry skin, and then dry quickly so I like to have them when I go out of town instead of lugging another bottle of body scrub with me.

Well, that's my list. I hope it was helpful and gave you some news products to try out. Now get get out of here and scrub off!

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